Video: Wine-Making in Uzbekistan

Wine in Sunlit Uzbekistan


Viticulture and wine-making has been a well-developed brunch of industry in Uzbekistan since ancient times. The long warm season and the large amount of sun are favorable conditions for growing 37 varieties of grapes. The Republic of Uzbekistan is an exporter of excellent wines, some of which are produced at the Khovrenko factory in Samarkand (former factory of D. M. Filatov, whose new variety of grapes named ‘Biishty’ was awarded a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Wines and Brandies in Paris in 1883). The factory features a wine-sampling room for sampling the wines produced at the factory. Local wines have original rough taste and aroma.

In 2013 the Uzbek grapes won the Gold Cup of the international exhibition Golden Bunch of Grapes 2013.

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