Video: Base Camp Of The Lenin Peak

Infrastructure of the Base Camp (3600m) of Central Asia Travel Company.
Unique landscapes of the Pamir, Kyrgyzstan


Welcome to watching the video about the Base Camp (3600 m) of the Lenin Peak.

Base camp of Lenin Peak provided with the most up-to-date facilities that will make your staying in it highly comfortable and pleasant, is always happy to receive its guests - experienced climbers and fans of mountains and outdoor activities.

Our guests, experienced mountaineers, adventure travellers and simply amateurs of mountains will accommodate in spacious sun-yellow tents provided with soft pillows, mattresses and clean bedclothes, lamps and electric sockets. We put up cosy and heated traditional yurts with original interior design, so that our guests at any time can have a cup of tea with sweets, talk, rest or play table games. The wonderful meals prepared with love by our professional cooks, who can make incredibly delicious food, including tandir-baked (traditional Central Asian clay oven; also spelled tandyr, tandoor) bread and samsa pasties, will also be served for our mountaineers in these yurts.

Despite the remoteness of the area, the Base Camp features a bathhouse with a steam room, washing systems with taps, soap and mirrors and toilets with cisterns.

The Base Camp is a starting point for three of our unforgettable adventure tours: Lenin Peak Expedition, Adventure Vacations in the Pamir, Three summits in the Pamir.

Watching this bright and dynamic video about Lenin Peak you can feel our camp’s unique atmosphere and realise you have selected a reliable and solicitous company! Enjoy it!

Video by Alexey Kolganov

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