Video: Zoroastrian Sites in Karakalpakstan

Khorezm Tourist Attractions


The west of Uzbekistan, once the territory of ancient Khorezm (Khwarezm), boasts a lot of sites dating back to Zoroastrian times: adobe ruins of ancient settlements, fortresses, etc. The largest of them are the ancient settlement site Mizdakhan with its huge necropolis (4th c BCE), the ancient settlement site Gyaur-Kala (4th c BCE - 4th c BC), the dakhma ‘tower of silence’ and ossuary burial site Chilpyk-Kala (4th c BCE - 11th c BC), the ancient settlement site Toprak-Kala (1st c - 4th c) and the burial and Zoroastrian astral cult site Koy-Krylgan-Kala (4th c BCE - 4th c BC).

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