Group Tours to Central Asia

Heritage and adventure group tours to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in 2020


Would you like to make a trip for a special lower price? Join one of our combined group tours with guarantee dates offered by our company!

What is a group tour? It is a tour organised by a tour operatortor for certain fixed dates forming the group (usually consisting of at least 6 tourists) out of those people interested in certain tour and its fixed dates. So, if you fail to find like-minded persons among your friends, we can help you with such people, who will become your companions during the tour and with whom you will ascend mountain summits and participate in various programmes within the tour. And, which is also very important, to travel in a large group is cheaper and more enjoyable!

Why is the price for a combined group tour lower? Travelling in a combined group is a great chance for an individual to receive services at a minimal price. The price of a combined group tour is lower for each of the participants, as it is easier to share the expenses for the guide, transport and other things with, say, ten other persons than to pay for them on one’s own. Besides, excursions to museums for organised groups, for instance, cost less than for individuals, so that, if you are alone, you will have either to wait a long time for a group to form or to pay an individual fee for the excursion.

A combined group tour will allow you to save a great deal of money for the travel and to get acquainted with a lot of interesting people.

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Heritage tours

  • Classic Turkmenistan tour


    Heritage tour

    Travel to Turkmenistan

    15.09 - 22.09.2019

    8 days: from 1730 USD

  • The Aral Sea and
    Oasis of Ancient Cities


    Jeep tour + heritage tour

    Travel to Uzbekistan

    2 Guarantee Dates 2020

    10 days: from 1575 USD

  • The Pearls Of Kyrgyzstan

    Heritage tour

    Travel to Kyrgyzstan

    5 Guarantee Dates

    5 days / 8 days: from 450 USD


New year tours


Trekking tours

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4WD jeep tours

  • The Aral Sea and Oasis of Ancient Cities Combined Group Tour

    The Aral Sea and
    Oasis of Ancient Cities

    Jeep tour + heritage tour

    Travel to Uzbekistan

    6 Guarantee Dates

    10 days: from 1130 USD

  • M41 Road:
    Pamir Highway


    Jeep Tour

    Travel to Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan

    5 Guarantee Dates

    9 days / 10 days: from 1370 USD

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