Home-made Uzbek liver sausage


Khasip. Home-made Uzbek liver sausageAnother unique dish of Uzbek cuisine, bliss for a true gourmet is khasip (hasip) - a home-made mutton sausage with a liver. Despite its uninviting look, it is a real delicacy! "Khasyp" is a proper noun and therefore does not translate in any way.

We will describe the recipe for how to cook khasip, but only by the most virtuosic cook with strong nerves can realize it in practice. In addition, it is desirable to have at hand a motley Central Asian bazaar with all the main ingredients (for example, sheep guts, which they sell washed and cleaned – not a nice thing to be seen, by the way, and other mutton by-products).

Before you cook khasip, you need to turn lamb's intestines out and wash it thoroughly - there is not and cannot be any artificial substitute and casing in home-made sausage, only all the most natural. This can be done several times in warm water, wiping it with salt periodically. To deodorize the specific smell of mutton, casings can be dabbed in serum briefly.

The recipe for a khasip for the lamb's intestines is 100 cm long:

1 spleen;
200 g of the lung;
2 kidneys;
100 g of fillet;
a little tail-fat (~ 100 g);
2 heads of onions;
1 tbsp. rice (or cuttings);
tomato (if desired);
salt, pepper, zira and other spices to taste.

Khasip. Home-made Uzbek liver sausageMeat, liver, tail-fat and onion are chopped finely, mixed with washed rice, spices, a little water, all stirred carefully. Then we take the one end of the gut and bandage it with a strong thread and start stuffing. This is the most time-consuming process. Someone uses an ordinary funnel for this, but there are masters who can fill the gut with stuffing using a meat grinder with a special nozzle. After the stuffing you need to pull the upper end of our sausage and lay it in a circle in a deep frying pan, pierce the home-made sausage with a knife in several places, fill the frying pan with half water and put it in a preheated oven. This way khasip is boiled first, and then roasted. There are recipes where one puts khasip in a pan with water and only boils it. After the water starts boiling, you should poke sausage in several places with a needle and simmer for 40 minutes.

When the khasip is ready, it needs to be cooled, cut into several pieces or circles, sprinkled with onions (preferably precut into thin rings). We eat khasip freshly cooked. It is served, as a rule, cold, or hot with broth. Cooked chickpeas (peas) can be served as a side dish.

In Uzbekistan, khasip mostly is a holiday dish, connected with a tradition of stabbing the lamb when the ritual meat should be used fully.

Ready khasip is sold in the city markets of Uzbekistan, in the basins on a small brazier. Therefore, if you visit Uzbekistan, there is no need to learn the complicated recipe of khasyp, you can just buy and try it.

There are analogues of khasip not only in the Uzbek cuisine, but also among other nations, mainly  engaged in cattle breeding historically.


Khasip. Home-made Uzbek liver sausage Khasip. Home-made Uzbek liver sausage Khasip. Home-made Uzbek liver sausage Khasip. Home-made Uzbek liver sausage

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