All the colors of summer in one dish


Damlama (dimlama, damlama) is a useful and nutritious dish of Uzbek cuisine, filled with all sorts of vegetables with pieces of meat, or without it (sabzy dimlam - stewed vegetables). An analogue is vegetable stew. The name of the dish comes from the verb "dimlamok", which means "stew".

Damlama is mostly cooked in summer and autumn, in the season of vegetables abundance, and also in winter, but with a smaller set of juicy ingredients.

We will share with you how to cook a damlama.

To make damlama you will need:

0.5 kg of meat (beef, lamb);
0.5 kg of potatoes;
2 eggplants (can be replaced with courgettes or zucchini);
2-3 pcs. carrots;
2-3 tomatoes;
2-3 sweet peppers;
4 middle-sized onions;
250-300 g of white cabbage; (the vegetable composition can be freely changed depending on the season)
sunflower oil (although in Uzbekistan, cotton is often used);
some water;
salt, seasonings to taste.

Damlama. All the colors of summer in one dishHow to cook a damlama. All the ingredients listed above are cut into large layers / rings (and the whole vegetables are put completely) and laid into the kasan (large copper kettle, wok)  in layers: first a layer of meat, on top - onions, then potatoes, carrots, eggplants (cut the eggplants beforehand and rest them in salt for 15 minutes, then wash off the black juice and rinse in running water), tomatoes, sweet  pepper (if you take green pepper, it will give a pleasant aroma, yellow and red - beautiful colors), cabbage leaves. If the kettle is big enough, you can put all the ingredients in several "floors", i.e. on top of the last leaf of cabbage again put pieces of meat, onions, potatoes and then on the list. Then, these densely packed "floors" of meat and vegetables should be poured with a small amount of salty water and closed tightly with a lid. After the contents of the cauldron boil, reduce the heat and simmer for an hour and a half. The dish will settle for more than 30% while stewing.

It will be even more delicious if the lamb ribs are pre-fried, then lamb fillets or beef is fried with the addition of tail-fat.

Damlama. All the colors of summer in one dishThis dish is so convenient that the cook can feel like a real Guy Julius Caesar – one can cook a delicious dinner for the whole family while making many other things. Kettle with damlama is like the fairy-tale magic pot will make a wonderful dinner. The longer you simmer damlama the tender it becomes. After the kettle comes on boil you can put it into a preheated oven and leave for an hour. The aroma of this dish will not leave your loved ones indifferent! A cauldron with a damlama is a real palette of natural colors.

Damlama will turn out inimitably delicious, if it is cooked outside over an open fire or at the hearth. The taste of vegetables stewed in its own juice, with the aroma of real smoke will turn this dish into culinary magic.

A ready damlama needs to be finished with greens that do not only decorate it, but also give a pleasant fresh flavor; you can also season it with fragrant black pepper. And if you add a slice of a delicious flatbread, you will get a healthy satisfying lunch or dinner.  The whole family will enjoy a meal like that. Good luck and eat well!


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