Kurpacha. National mattress in Central Asia

Uzbekistan National Handicrafts


Since ancient times Uzbek people were engaged in farming and treated earth with respect. And nowadays the Uzbeks prefer to have their own land plots to do farming on them.

Kurpacha, national mattress in Central AsiaTheir way of life also shows their love to farming. That is why in any Uzbek house there is kurpacha - a traditional Central Asian thick cotton wool blanket or mattress. Kurpachas for Uzbek people is an integral part of everyday life. They sit on them at dastarkhan (a tablecloth with food on it which is spread on the floor or a small table), rest during day time and sleep at night. When a child is born he (she) is put into beshik (a traditional Central Asian cradle) on a specially made kurpacha. All his further life will be connected with kurpacha - every day eating, day time rest and night sleep, prayers for God, guests receiving, weddings. Any Central Asian girl getting married should have kurpachas in her dowry. According their quantity one can guess how rich the bride’s family is.

Making kurpachas is complicated work. Before only men engaged in making kurpachas but in course of time women went on doing it. They impart their knowledge and share needlework skills with their daughters and daughters-in-law.

Kurpacha, national mattress in Central AsiaAs kurpachas are in great demand they are made everywhere in Uzbekistan. But the best and the most famous ones are made in Fergana Province. Kurpacha’s size is 0,75m х 3,60m and its pattern, color and used fabrics are different. Its face side is usually made of Khan Atlas(silk fabric with a glossysurface), chiffon (transparent) velvet or plush that makes kurpacha very smooth. Its back side is made of cotton fabric. The filler for kurpacha is cotton wool fluffed up in advance. That makes kurpacha light and easy to shift. It usually takes 5-10 kg of cotton wool to make one kurpacha.

Kurpacha can be used for a long time. If you want it to get previous form you have to unpick stitches, fluff or change the cotton wool filler. As an addition to kurpachas there are small square pillows and bolsters. They are very comfortable to use while having a rest, sleeping and having meal. Owing to warm weather kurpachas can be used all the year round and if it becomes cold you can pile them and get a warm and comfortable place to lie.

Using kurpachas is one of the centuries-old traditions which has been venerated since ancient times and till present day.



Kurpacha, national mattress in Central Asia Kurpacha, national mattress in Central Asia Kurpacha, national mattress in Central Asia Kurpacha, national mattress in Central Asia
Kurpacha, national mattress in Central AsiaKurpacha, national mattress in Central Asia

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