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Local History Museum of KokandThe Local History Museum, located in the grandiose building of the palace of Khudoyar Khan, the last ruler of the Kokand Khanate, stands out among the places of interest of Kokand.

The Kokand Local History Museum was established in 1925 and it is one of the oldest in Uzbekistan.

The Khudoyar Khan palace complex was built in 1871 in the traditional style of Central Asian architecture. The interior and exterior of the palace is impeccable: rich adornment, carved and painted patterns of extraordinary beauty, magnificent decoration, combining many types of national applied art.

The entrance portal of the palace is decorated with an arch, and high pointed minarets are attached to the sides of the portal and the facade of the building. The palace area is 4 hectares.

Today, up to 70 thousand people a year visit the Kokand Local History Museum and its branches.

The museum is undoubtedly the centre of the cultural life of Kokand; various creative and thematic events are held here.

The museum exposition is represented by more than 30 thousand exhibits, which are divided into 6 departments: history, art, modern history, nature, scientific-educational  work with a large number of people and collections. Among the exhibits you can see pottery of Kokand artisans and coins from different eras. Visitors familiarize themselves with the paintings and sculptures of masters of Uzbekistan, Russia and Western Europe. Rare lithographic editions and manuscripts, books made of silk paper are also stored here. The Quran with a personal seal of Khudoyar Khan is one of the main values of the local history museum.


Local History Museum of Kokand Local History Museum of Kokand Local History Museum of Kokand Local History Museum of Kokand

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