Traditional Khorezm dish


If you collect all the recipes of Uzbek cuisine, you will get a real atlas of Uzbekistan, with all its ethno-cultural colors, traditions and features of the indigenous people of each region separately.

Tukhum-barak is an original dish of Uzbek cuisine, which is exclusive of the Khorezm region. In fact, tukhum-barak - these are square ravioli with a very unusual egg filling.

The name of this dish comes from two  words "tukhum" - "egg" and "barrack" - "boiled", that is, "ravioli with egg". The main ingredient of the filling is raw eggs with spices. How to cook such a dish? We will share with you the recipe of tukhum-barak - "Khorezm dumplings".

To cook a dough for tukhum-barak, you will need:

500 g of flour;
1 egg;
250 g of water;

For filling:

7 - 8 pcs. eggs;
150 ml of melted butter (you can add sesame oil);
150-250 ml of milk;
Spices (turmeric, zra, black pepper, etc.);
Green onions;
Salt to taste;

Tuhum-BarakBefore you cook tukhum-barak, you need to make the dough and stuffing, and it's best if you are helped by a few more clever hands. Let us explain the complexity.

First of all, you need to knead the dough. To mix salt evenly into the dough, it can be first dissolved in water and then added to the flour.

For the tukhum barak filling, you need to break 7-8 eggs into a cup and whip them with a whisk or a fork (just not a mixer!). Gradually add a little milk and melted butter. You can add a little sesame oil. Next, go to the spices. We put salt, pepper and other spices to taste, and for beauty and better taste, you can add finely chopped green onions.

When the filling is ready, put a pot of water on the stove. While you are sculpting, the water will boil, which is what we need.

So, everything necessary for cooking is ready, we proceed to the most responsible stage - molding. Roll out a thin layer of dough, the thinner, the better, then cut, strips about 10 cm long and 5 wide, can be slightly smaller / larger. It is easier to make these tapes of the same width and length, if the rolled dough sheet is folded with an accordion, and then, a with few strokes of sharp knife blanks are ready.

Tuhum-BarakThen fold each ribbon in half and blind only the side seams to get 5x5 cm bags. For the first batch does not get worn out until the others are finished, it is better to cover it with a towel, polyethylene or whatever you find convenient and familiar.

The next stage is final, that's it is better to do it in several pairs of hands and concentrate all the work in boiling water. A cup with a stuffing and a tray with ready envelopes should be close to the boiling water. Make sure that all side seams are well made. Next pour a tablespoon of filling into the envelope. While the liquid mass has not unstuck the seams, seal the upper part of the envelope quickly and put it into boiling water. If you do it alone, and even more - for the first time, they might get boiled unequally, so it's good if the whole family takes care of it. This way shared cause unites the family.

Do not boil "Khorezm dumplings" for long, you only need the dough to be ready, because the egg filling is already done in the first minute. Ready tukhum-baracks will float upward themselves. Take these unusual ravioli onto a dish and smear them with butter so that they do not stick together. You can serve it with sour cream or greens.

Uzbek cuisine has many more dishes that amaze with recipes and the excellent tastes of the East!


Tuhum-Barak Tuhum-Barak Tuhum-Barak Tuhum-Barak

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