Norin. Uzbek national dishUzbek cuisine does not cease to amaze with a rich variety of traditional dishes, and the ingredients are mostly the same - flour, water, meat and salt. At the festive tables of Uzbekistan and in everyday life in the markets one can often find a national Uzbek dish - norin. The unusual taste of lace-like noodles in combination with horsemeat (classic version) makes the dish taste fantastic.

Norin (narin) - is home-made noodles with horsemeat, more precisely, with kazy (horse meat sausage). However, recipes of norin allow using beef and mutton.

In Uzbekistan norin is a traditional dish of great festivals, cooked not only for the guests, but also for all the neighbors. It is a special dish for Ramazan Hait (Eid-al Fitr), when the fest begins with bustle with treats - from one to take, others to treat - with cold norin on a sunny flat bread, with hot pilaf in colored plate - kosa, or with baursak, urama, chak-chak and many others. This Uzbek tradition symbolizes peace, friendship, prosperity and, most importantly, holds good-neighborly relations.

A few words about how to cook norin. The recipe for the dish is very simple.
Before you cook norin, boil broth. It should turn out to be transparent, without specific foam and turbidity. Meat should be taken out of the broth and put in a separate cup, to be cut later.

To cook noodles you will need:

2 cups of wheat flour;
Water (the dough should turn out to be steep);
Cream or melted grease.

Norin. Uzbek national dishNext, roll out the dough thinly and cut it with strips about 15-20 cm long and 3-5 cm wide. You can boil pieces of dough of almost any shape and size in the broth for 15-20 minutes, and then cut the dough into small and thin noodles. Much depends on the type of flour, so it is important that the dough is not overcooked, otherwise you will have to start all over again. Remove the ready dough from the broth and grease it with oil, so that it does not stick together. When it is slightly cool, start cutting. It is better to pile dough pieces, for example, in five, and then chop them with a sharp knife with a thin and long blade. It is a matter of experience and technique to cut thin, literally laced noodles of it.

After the noodles are fully cooked, the cooled meat or kazy should be cut into thin strips. The final stroke is the onion - it needs to be cut into thin rings. The last step is to mix everything (noodles, onions, meat), and top it with thin slices of kazy.

Serve norin on a large lagan (dish) in a cold form, or on a flat cake, if it is a serving meal, or in kosa with a hot broth. Bon Appetit!


Norin. Uzbek national dish Norin. Uzbek national dish Norin. Uzbek national dish Norin. Uzbek national dish

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