Uzbek Shish Kebab


One cannot imagine Uzbekistan without sunny flatbread, hot pilaf and, of course, without a delicious shish kebab (kabob). Smoke that is soaked in the aroma of fried meat on the coals goes up from the barbecue, appealing for gourmets. The seller of a shish kebab does not even need to call customers with loud exclamations, the scent of shish kebab will do it itself much more efficiently. On the shashlik bistros you can find signs "Shashlik (kabob)" or “Shashlik – kebab”. Do not be afraid – this is not a name of some other shish kebab, "kabob" ("kebab") is Uzbek for "shish kebab".

Assumingly shish kebab (kabob) is one of the first dishes of a man since he learned to obtain fire and use it for cooking; therefore, it will be almost impossible to name origins of shish kebab. Recipes and ways of how to cook shish kebab, for all this time are so rich and multiple that together they constitute a multi-volume culinary encyclopedia. Therefore, the "most correct", "most delicious" and "most real" shish kebab recipe, most likely, simply does not exist, although the Uzbek shish kebab is a worthy challenger to these epithets.

In Uzbek cuisine, you can meet shish kebab of mutton, beef, chicken meat, liver (gigar kabob), the shish kebab can be ground or made of small or very large pieces of whole meat. In Uzbekistan only in European restaurants in large cities, pork shish kebab can be cooked, since it is a sin for Muslims not only to eat pork, but also to touch it.

Practically all over the world shish kebab (and its analogues - shish kebabs on a grill and on wooden skewers) became an inseparable companion of picnics, weekends, dinners in nature, etc. Moreover, cooking shish kebab and eating it will make spending time outdoors warmer, more interesting and tastier.

In the classic version of Uzbek cuisine, shish kebab (kabob) is cooked on saxaul charcoal (desert tree) - these coals give a special heat. Nowadays more common charcoal is used. You can do it, the main thing is to choose the right wood without a specific smell (not coniferous in any case).

Before stringing meat on skewers (a metal skewer for a shish kebab), it should be marinated. There is a huge number of marinade recipes with vinegar and without it, with onions and without it, kiwi, pineapple, etc.).

Moreover, there have been invented so many marinades recipes for shish kebab that among them there are also those that are adapted specifically for children, pregnant and nursing mothers - in such marinade recipes they use, for example, curdled milk instead of vinegar, put a minimum of spices and marinate meat longer, than usual. The best recipe for cooking shish kebab is one that you are used to and you know exactly how to cook it, how long to stand the meat in marinade, or what to use for sprinkling meat while roasting and other small secrets.

Here are some of the most popular marinade recipes for shish kebab:

Vinegar, greens, bay leaf, onion, sliced ​​onions, salt and pepper to taste. It is enough to hold meat for about 2 hours In this marinade.
1 kiwi - peel and rub until smooth; 1 tbsp. vegetable oil; spices (coriander, zira (kumin), bay leaf, black pepper, etc.); a small bunch of greenery. Mix everything, add the prepared pieces of meat. To sustain in a marinade no more than 3 hours.
1 tbsp. dry white wine, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, 1 large carrot, 3 onions (medium size), 2 cloves of garlic, lemon juice. Meat should stay in this marinade for 3-4 hours.
300 g of onion - cut into rings, mix with salt; half a large lemon - squeeze juice; 1st. water - mixed with lemon juice and spices. Mix thoroughly and leave the meat within for 5 hours or more.
Mayonnaise, sliced ​​onions, yogurt, spices to taste. In such a marinade, it is better keep meat for the whole night since evening.

If the meat is hard, then before pickling, you can grease it with mustard and hold for half an hour, then remove the mustard and put it into the ready marinade.

When stringing pieces of meat on skewers, Uzbek chefs usually alternate meat with pieces of tail-fat, so Uzbek shish kebab always turns out very juicy. Barbequed fat covers with a crispy crust, and practically melts inside. Therefore, after a bite of a crispy crust, you immediately will feel the spice of unusually tasty fat. This shish kebab should be eaten only in harmony with a hot flat bread, marinated onions and hot green tea.

For cooking shish kebab, use a brazier with a grill, or skewers with strips of marinated meat. It is better to leave the coal burning for professional. In some recipes, one recommends to sprinkle the ready shish kebab with a strongly diluted vinegar raster. Do this infrequently and carefully, try to sprinkle it on meat only. It will be extremely delicious, if you top the ready-made sticks of a shish kebab with a flatbread for a couple of minutes before removing them from the brazier. It is saturated with the aroma of smoke and shish kebab, become hot, crunchy and amazingly delicious. Be sure to visit a shish kebab bistro in Uzbekistan, here you can appreciate the brightest and tasty colors of Uzbek cuisine.


Uzbek Shish Kebab Uzbek Shish Kebab Uzbek Shish Kebab Uzbek Shish Kebab

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