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Best gifts to bring home from your Uzbekistan trip


Souvenirs of UzbekistanUzbekistan is an amazing region where the sun shines through the most of the year, the weather is warm, and people are hospitable, cheerful and generous. This is a country whose architectural monuments are renowned for greatness and antiquity, and the products of local artisans are respected far beyond Uzbekistan. It's no wonder that tourists and guests seek to take with them a piece of this land as a memento, that will serve as a pleasant memory of the kindness of the Uzbek people, the colorfulness and inequity of national traditions and rituals, Uzbek cuisine and incredible landscapes. Uzbekistan with its usual generosity opens before its guests a lot of options for souvenirs, perfect for decoration, accessory and bringing spirits up.

Uzbek Souvenirs represent a huge variety of national products, ranging from inexpensive small figurines to grandiose suzane and carpets. Noteworthy, most of the Uzbek souvenirs are hand-made by talented craftsmen, which holds special charm and value - they keep the heat of diligent hands and kindness of the hearts of their creators. Local carpets and handmade embroidery are famous for their high quality and distinctive beauty. Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Shahrisabz, Kokand carpets and suzane differ in patterns and colors, technique and design. You can always find something for you.

Ceramic (clay) figurines of various sizes, depicting scenes of everyday life are the most popular among tourists. They can be found at large bazaars, in art parlors and workshops all around the country. Mostly figures are made of clay and then brightly colored. Souvenirs of UzbekistanThere is a perfect match for everyone - they are big and small, serious and playful, colorful and monochrome. Samarkand-style figures depict a famous oriental folk character, sage and joker - Khoja Nasreddin. Generally, the price for them is low, so people buy these souvenirs in large quantities not only as a home décor, but also as cute presents to friends, relatives and friends. And of course you can buy local clay fridge magnets in the same colorful design picturing everyday life, architectural monuments and historical sites

Those who got excited with a national Uzbek costume will be happy to buy dolls in traditional clothes. They are usually made of fabric or papier-mache, which makes them almost weightless and easily transported. Such dolls are sold in many historical cities of Uzbekistan, but you will find the greatest variety in handicraft shops of Khiva.

Don’t forget to spice up your style with skullcaps - duppi, either it will be work-a-day black and white, or festive, embroidered with gold and beads and decorated with thrum. Each region of Uzbekistan has its ancient features of usual Asian headgear: the Tashkent, Samarkand, Khorezm skullcaps vary significantly and you choose which one will leave native city to your house.

Souvenirs of UzbekistanNational clothes and individual elements of the Uzbek costume are among the things preferred by international guests. Chapan is common national coat, and in Bukhara you can see a huge number of various "rich" chapans adorned with the famous Bukhara gold embroidery. Karakul fur coats and headdresses from Bukhara craftsmen are also famous. They are made from natural sheep wool and look luxurious and exquisite. In Khorezm you find a wide variety of products from natural camel wool (socks, slippers, etc.), which not only warm you in winter, but also have a therapeutic effect on the joints.

Women are unlikely to pass by the exquisite jewelry of hereditary masters from Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand. The jewelry art of Uzbekistan is one of the most beautiful in the world. Rich earrings, necklaces and rings, encrusted with pearls, rubies, turquoise and cornelian give women a regal look and her beauty would be hard to ignore.

Souvenirs of UzbekistanYou can store jewelry in carved chests, also lovingly made by Uzbek masters. Wooden boxes, whose covers are decorated with diverse oriental motifs, will become a worthy repository for wonderful jewelry. And the masters of wood carving will gladly offer some other works - wall panels, small national tables – “hantahtah”, and world famous wooden stands for the Koran. They are created from a single piece of wood, and no fastening devices used while assembling. There are many types of the pattern for such stand, and each is unique.

National Uzbek fabric - khan-atlas is a very successful purchase. It can be transformed into bright clothes or interior items. This unique 100% natural fabric is gaining increasing popularity every year, the khan-atlas is widely used in haute couture collections of eminent European designers. You can see first-hand the whole process of manufacturing khan-atlas with natural materials and dyes at the silk weaving factory in Margilan.

Souvenirs of UzbekistanUzbek ceramics will catch your eye as well. Pottery is the oldest in Uzbekistan and has now reached the level of real art. Each region has ceramics school of its own, that differ in technique, patterns, colors and style. For example, Khiva ceramics are basically lyagans and plates with turquoise ornament. Khorezm is famous for original vessels - “hum” and lamps-“chiroki”.

The renowned center of ceramics is the town of Rishtan. Local utensils painted with all shades of blue, figured vessels in the form of a duck with the image of fruits of pomegranate and almond flowers, beautiful lyagans are just a small part of what can be found in the workshop of the Rishtan master.

Metal carving should not be left behind. Toreutics is a widespread art in Uzbekistan. Traditional knives, daggers and even swords decorated with fine carvings could become an evidence of your visit to the Uzbek land. Perhaps the most famous and expensive are knives manufactured in Chust. A hard object like this is nevertheless elegant, light and beautifully decorated.

Souvenirs of UzbekistanIf the search of Uzbek national souvenirs is about to complete you can get yourself a bottle of Uzbek wine. Tart and sweet, full of the aroma and the warmth of the sun this drink will remind you of the sunny land and cause a rush of nostalgia. You’ll understand it is impossible to understand this land fully, and you’ll want to return to new discoveries, the romance of the East and hospitable Uzbek people.

Where is better to get souvenirs (summary for tourists):

Ceramics: Rishtan, Gijduvan.
Embroidery: Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Shahrisabz and Kokand.
Silk: Margilan.
Carpets: Khiva, Bukhara.
Knives: Chust.
National clothes, fur coats and hats: Bukhara.
Skullcaps: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Chust.
Jewelry: Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand.

NOTE: When purchasing souvenirs and art objects please make sure their age is less than 50 years, and they do not represent a cultural value. It is advisable to have a receipt and documentation from the store, which confirms that the purchased goods are the subject of mass production, do not represent historical or cultural value and are authorized for export from Uzbekistan.


Souvenirs of Uzbekistan Souvenirs of Uzbekistan Souvenirs of Uzbekistan Souvenirs of Uzbekistan

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