Uzbek cuisine is rich in interesting and unusual recipes with all sorts of spices and a wide use of all the gifts of nature of Uzbekistan. One of these Uzbek dishes is dolma (dulma), the cooking of which is associated with the onset of spring. This dish is cooked in the cold season, too - for the grape leaves’ fresh sourness reminds of spring and summer.

DolmaDolma - is, in fact, the same as cabbage rolls, but instead of cabbage leaves one uses young grape leaves. That is why the dolma is cooked mainly in the spring, while the grape leaves are young, soft and not hardened by the hot rays of the Central Asian sun yet. Such leaves are often canned, so that you can make dolma at other times of the year.

Stuffing for dolma can be minced meat (beef / mutton) with rice (or without it), onions, greens (coriander, parsley, mint, green onions, etc.) and various spices. There are recipes in which the shefs advise to add egg to the meat.

The Uzbek recipe of dolma advises to boil grape leaved meat rolls in a small amount of broth. For  dolma not to fall apart  while cooking, the leaves are bandaged with a thread. Other option is to put a deep plate to the bottom of the pan lay dolma inside carefully and fill to the level of the dish with broth. This plate is covered with another of the same diameter, the bottom up, and then topped with press - for example, a glass of water. Then they add the broth again. The ready dish is served with sour cream. Vine leaves give it a special piquant sourness.

A similar dish is also found in other countries (in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece, Iran, Turkey, etc.).

For you could cook dolma yourself, we offer the simplest and most common recipe of the Uzbek dolma.


Lamb fillet - 400 g;
Grape leaves - 100 g;
Onion - 2-3 pcs .;
Rice - 2 tbsp. l .;
Egg - 1 piece;
Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l .;
Greenery (parsley, coriander) - 50 g;
Spices: coriander;
Salt, pepper to taste.

DolmaPreparation: put meat through the meat grinder; add finely chopped onions (1-2 pcs.)Then add greens, washed rice, egg, spices, salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly. Filling for dolma is ready.

Soak grape leaves in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Put the filling into each grape leaf (if the leaves are small - then in two sheets, slightly superimposed on each other). Cut the remaining onion into half rings and fry lightly in the oil at the bottom of the cauldron. Then gently lay dolma on top of the onion, pour a small amount of salted water and stew for 50 minutes on a slow fire. In order for the dolma not to ger unwrapped and not to pop up, you can put a plate on top of it upside down or use the method described above.

Bon Appetit!


Dolma Dolma Dolma Dolma
Dolma Dolma Dolma Dolma Dolma

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