“Altyn-Arashan” hot spring

Sightseeing of Issyk-kul, Kyrgyzstan


Old-timers tell a beautiful ancient legend about how the Altyn-Arashan hot spring (“Golden Spring”) which is 10 km east of the city of Karakol, appeared in Issyk-Kul region.

Once upon a time, there lived a Bugu family shepherd’s daughter - a girl of extreme beauty called Tolgon-Ai.  She obnubilated the moon and other stars. Young men – djigits, were hanging around, showing their interest in marriage. The poor man batyr Yusup was among them. It happened that he was The One for her.  The girl's heart trembled, the cheeks flourished etc. “Are you all mine?” Yusup once asked, looking at his beloved with ardent eyes. Tolgon-Ai depressed her eyes, barely uttered "yes" and rushed to the chest of her beloved with sobs.

Once, Yusup had to go to the war to fight enemies. He fell there the death of the brave - Tolgon-Ai was heart-stricken! Again, the girl had to fend off her suitors, now rich, who offered marriage and a secure future. In the name of love, she rejected every single one, because it is better to die than to be the wife of an unloved one! Once Tolgon-Ai pushed the rocks aside and entered the cave, the walls did not fail to close up, and only girl’s hot tears flowed through the stones. So high in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, among the multicolored meadows of the Arashan River valley, the hot spring Altyn-Arashan was born, surrounded by powerful spruce forests.

The radon containing mineralized water of hot springs has a very beneficial effect on the human body:

stimulates the adaptation and body’s immune systems;
normalizes metabolic processes;
has a beneficial effect on reproductive function;
tones neuro-humoral functions.

The resort "Altyn Arashan" is located on the cognominal river’s right bank and has closed bath inside the wooden rooms and open - just above the cliff. Cozy guesthouses where you can eat and relax call for the tired traveler. Water, that is about 50 degrees hot, heals and tones.

It is about 5 hours walking from the springs to the beginning of the "Palatka" glacier - a local landmark. On the Arashan river other side there is a small wooden house and region animal museum. On the Suuk-Tor left confluent - in the upper and middle reaches - there are two dam lakes of rare beauty. The Glacier Ice Lake Kashka-Suu waits for you at the peak’s northern glacier. Aksu wall and waterfall on the Ak-Suu river amaze with crystal-clear water. Sharkyratma waterfalls on the right confluent of the Tash-Tektir river falls from 15 meter rocks. Picturesque cascades of Kuldurek waterfalls merge into one continuous sparkling stream of water in the canyon on the left Tash-Tektir river confluent. Archaly-Tor waterfall streams from the three-story house height into a narrow gorge on the left tributary of the Tash-Tektir river. The flood lake and 15 meter high Takyr-Tor waterfall delights even an experienced traveler.


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