Set of high-altitude products for the ascension program to Khan-Tengry Peak

Name: In assortment to choose: Maximum quantity:
1 Instant cereal “Bistrof” package cereal 15 packages of 40 g
2 Cereal products Oat flakes,  wheat farina, muesli 1000 g
3 Meat products Bacon, smoke-dried bacon, wieners, cold cuts, sausage products 1500 g
4 Cheese products Hard cheese, processed cheese 1500 g
5 Dry fruit Dried apricots, raisins, dried plums, dates, peanut, walnut 1500 g
6 Chocolate Snickers, Mars, chocolate bars 10 bars of 60 g
7 Sweets Chocolate candies, honey, halva, jam, cookies in assortment 2000 g
8 Instant garnish Spaghetti, mash, rice, buckwheat 1000 g
9 Tinned food Tinned meat, fish, condensed milk 5 tins
10 Freeze-dried soaps In assortment 10 packages of 60 g
11 Hot beverages Tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar, dry milk 70 packages
12 Cold beverages Instant beverages in assortment 10 packages
13 Bakery products Croutons, bread, hard bread 1500 g
14 Various Salt, mustard, lemons, ketchup, polythene bags, toilet paper, candles, wet wipes if necessary


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