Yodgorlik Silk Factory

Margilan city is «Silk» heart of Uzbekistan. Handmade khan-atlas

Margilan city is «Silk» heart of Uzbekistan. Handmade khan-atlasAmong the cities of Uzbekistan, Margilan is famous for excellent silk production. "Yodgorlik" silk factory became famous throughout the world for handmade khan-atlas.

At the beginning of the 1st millennium in Fergana Valley luxurious silk products were made of silk imported from China. In the VII-VIII centuries, breeding silkworm cocoons started here, and the city of Margilan became "silk" capital of the Central Asia. The best silk products were transported along the Silk Road to Baghdad, Kashgar, Khorasan, Egypt, Greece and Byzantium.

Today, the factory "Yodgorlik" is the best and one of the largest producing handmade silk products in Uzbekistan. The factory was built in 1972 and produces fabric on the traditional technology, i.e. manually. Here you can see the complete process of making silk fabric from the preparation of cocoons till and getting finished fabric. Techniques and methods of processing raw materials and manufacturing techniques of finished fabric passed from generation to generation for almost 2 thousand years. Masters at the factory "Yodgorlik" still produce not only silk, but cotton fabric on this unique traditional technology: khan-atlas (king silk), adras, shoyi (shokhi), bekasam, boz, dzhuzhuncha and others. The factory employs 450 people, producing 6000 meters of fabric of the highest quality.

Today, as in the heyday of the Silk Road silk fabrics of indescribable beauty are exported to different countries including Germany, Iran, India, Russia, the Republic of Korea, etc. For tourists there are organized excursions, during which you can see the whole silk manufacturing process of creating masterpieces of art, and buy a piece of Margilan silk manufactured by ​​the hands of true masters.


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