Manzhyly-Ata - valley of the sacred springs

Sources of health, peace and happiness


Manzhyly-Ata is the valley of the sacred springs located in the Ton Bay on the Issyk-Kul’s southern coast, Kyrgyzstan. It has rich historical past: Stone Age petroglyphs, medieval buildings ruins, sacred Buddhist inscriptions survived to the present day.  The sight’s name comes from the nickname of the seer who spread Islam among the local population, talking about the essence and importance of this religion. Today the mazar of the great mentor still stands on one of the hills, serving as a starting point for the pilgrims who come here.  Another legend telling of the miracle-worker who lived here is the story about the Mother Deer (Bugu-Ene), who, allegedly, was the ancestor of the Bugu Kyrgyz trib.

The valley is a labyrinth of numerous shallow gorges, hidden between low hills. Eight sacred willows grow here, near which those most miraculous springs nestled.  There are twelve main and five additional ones. Each source has its own name and unique properties. For example, “Manzhyly-Ata” has the power of rejuvenation and healing of cardiovascular diseases, and two Bugu-Ene springs can heal liver and eyes. For knowledge and insight, you can drink from the spring "Ilim", "Aziz Bulaga" water is recommended for those with nervous disorders. “Bala” allegedly helps those who wish to recover from infertility, while those who dream of a strong healthy family certainly need to visit the “Family” spring. Mineral reserves and groundwater give the area a unique aura, completing the miraculous image of the valley.

Today pilgrims come to the valley of the sacred springs of Manzhyly-Ata; various national events are also held here. For example, falconry with golden eagles looks very exciting and always attracts a lot of public.  You can also enjoy the mountain air, feel the enchanting atmosphere of the shrine, and try healing water - all this can be found in the wonderful valley of Manzhyly-Ata.


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