Information about base camps of Muztag-Ata Peak.

On the way to the base camp you spend some wonderful hours driving by picturesque highway Karakum, through the narrow, but amazingly beautiful gorge of the river Gez. Little by little we walk up to the height 3900 m, to the very shore of the lake Karakuri(196 km from Kashgar), then we have 10 km to drive till Subashi. In Subashi there are camels that will wait for us and carry our luggage. We equip our caravan and begin pedestrian hills through many hills to the base camp (about 4 hours). The base camp is situated in a very picturesque place, where the whole surface of the ground is covered with a carpet of many -colored Alpine flowers and jolly marmots welcome you with a whistle that is so typical to for them. We accommodate in a comfortable base tents. The base camp is situated in a quite big height of 4 350 m., in that case you should have some time for acclimatization.

The camp is situated on a grassy plot between moraine and steep slopes to the mountains. It is an optimal place for the rest and recreation of power.
In base camp there are 50 tents (16 high attitude and 34 base) and also 9 tents-passengers’ lounge that are used as dining rooms.

The base camp, guarantee three hot meals a day- European, China dishes-made by the best cooks. During the ascent you can order any provisions.
The base camp is supplied with electricity so you can recharge accumulators for your cameras and portable radio transmitters. There also shower tents and field typed toilets.

The territory of the base camp enters to the zone of mobile connection that is why it is not a problem to connect with an outside world, but we do not have an internet connection here.

You can leave your things in cells. Our administrator will keep an eye on them.

The connection between the top and base camps is made with the help of portable radio transmitters. The only nuance is that you would not be able to lease portable radio transmitters or any other equipment in a base camp and you will be able to buy tear gas sprays only in Kashgar.

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