Kukildor-ota Hanaka


Kukildor-ota Hanaka. Termez, UzbekistanHanaka (sacred dwelling place) Kukildor-ota is one of the most esteemed sights of Termez. Built in X c, it is one of the few hanakas in the Central Asia, which is distinguished by imagination striking frontal composition, decorated with multiple vivid patterns. The sublimity of hanaka’s architecture testifies that it was restored in XV c, in the Temurids epoch.

Inside the building there are a lot of tombstones. And under one of them there are remains of sacred Kukildor-ota - honoured in Muslim ranges as a sacred, great religious figure who was famous for the saintly life. The complex of Kukildor-ota also was built in his honor. Inhabitants believed that, participating in an anamnesis ceremony of commemoration of this sacred, it is necessary to cut off a shred of hair of oneself. And this place of hair to let grow until certain significant events will occur in their life.

Hanaka Kukildor-ota is magnificent building with plenty of rooms, finished with bricks. As in Sultan-Saodat ensemble, and in at-Termezi complex, here is used the style of three-high open façade, and the whole building is kept in the harmony of symmetry.

The façade represents the monumental entrance, leading to the big hall, with a huge dome, on both sides there are rooms, located in mirror mode. The whole construction is decorated with incredibly beautiful pattern of plaster.


Kukildor-ota Hanaka. Termez, Uzbekistan Kukildor-ota Hanaka. Termez, Uzbekistan Kukildor-ota Hanaka. Termez, Uzbekistan Kukildor-ota Hanaka. Termez, Uzbekistan


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