Talipach Gate


Talipach GateAlthough Talipach Gate served as a tax collection spot a long time ago, and numerous caravans from the north have long since entered Bukhara through it, it is still one of the main Bukhara symbols.

Talipach Gate is the surviving Bukhara northern gate, which was built in the 16th с as part of the city’s fortifications during the reign of Abdullah-Khan I. The defensive walls that connected the 11 Bukhara gates do not survive. Talipach Gate are now located in the very middle of the city, among residential houses and orchards. Besides this gate, Karakul Gate of the same design still survives. Sheikh Jalal Gate had been standing there till the end of the 20th c but in the end it collapsed and the locals took its remains to use as building materials.

Near Talipach Gate stands Chashmah-Ayyub Masoleum (‘Job’s spring mausoleum’) where pilgrims go to pay tribute to Saint Job. The local bazaar is also nearby.

The surviving Talipach Gate and remains of the city’s defensive walls are on UNESCO World Heritage List.



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