Arrival and Departure via the Cip-Lounge at the Tashkent Airport

Enhanced Comfort Lounges (Business, CIP, VIP Lounges)


CIP-lounges (СIP-hall, VIP-hall, Business Lounge «Uzbekistan airways») are enhanced comfort halls used by special category passengers while arriving/departing. The lounges are arranged in the first floor of the right wing and the ground floor of the left wing of the Tashkent International Airport. All of them have direct access from outside.

CIP-lounges have everything in them to make your waiting time as pleasant as possible. In addition, the halls offer the service of quicker passing through the passport, customs and immigration control separately from economy class passengers. The users of the CIP-lounges are mostly those on an official visit or passengers who have reserved CIP-lounges for their arrival/departure.

The CIP-lounges at the Tashkent International Airport provide the following services:

  • Quicker passenger and luggage check-in procedures;
  • Passing through the passport and customs control out of turn;
  • Issuing entrance visa, if necessary;
  • Personal escort;
  • Comprehensive information on all arriving and departing flights;
  • Comfortable environment (inviting seats, TV sets) and high-tech infrastructure;
  • A bar offering a wide range of drinks (payable in Uzbek sums according to a price-list);
  • Latest issues of magazines and newspapers in various languages;
  • Services of baggage handlers;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Duty-Free shops.

Departure via the CIP-lounge at the Tashkent Airport:

  • The passenger arrives at the airport at least 1 hour before the flight, as the check-in is closed 30-40 minutes before the flight.
  • The passenger hands his/her luggage to a CIP-official.
  • The passenger checks in and goes through the passport and customs control.
  • All procedures gone through, the passenger waits for the boarding in the CIP-lounge. Any drinks in a bar are payable in Uzbek sums according to a price-list.
  • The passengers are notified about the boarding 20 minutes before it. The CIP-lounge dispatcher invites the passengers to an individual gate and escorts them in a minibus to the aircraft’s ramp.
  • The cost of service of departure via the CIP-lounge: 160 USD/pax.

Arrival via the CIP-lounge at the Tashkent Airport:

  • The CIP passenger is received by an official who stands at the ramp holding out a sign with the name of the arriving passenger.
  • The CIP-lounge dispatcher takes the luggage tickets from the passenger.
  • As soon as all the CIP passengers gather in the reception area, the dispatcher invites them to an individual bus and escorts them to the CIP-lounge. Leaving the airfield without the official escort is strictly prohibited!
  • The passenger goes through the passport and customs control. The customs service official may ask the passenger to have their luggage X-rayed. If the passenger has items requiring declaration or currency (in any amounts), he/she must fill in two copies of the customs declaration form.
  • Any drinks in a bar are payable in Uzbek sums according to a price-list. No credit cards can be used to pay at the airport.
  • Airport officials themselves bring the luggage to the lounge and hand it to the passenger. Carrying the luggage outside to the car is included in the CIP-lounge use price.
  • Those meeting the CIP passenger wait for him/her at the exit from the CIP-lounge.
  • The cost of service of arrival via the CIP-lounge: 160 USD/pax.

Note: Arrival and departure via the CIP-lounges are included in the price for the business class trips of Uzbekistan airways (HY).

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