Eolian Castles Canyon

City of sand and clay


The nature of Issyk-Kul is so amazing and beautiful, every traveler and adventurer certainly finds something interesting for him/herself.  In the Boom gorge halfway from Issyk-Kul to the capital of the republic - the city of Bishkek, one of the most amazing and beautiful sights of Kyrgyzstan - Konurchek canyon or Eolian Castles is located.

Eolian Castles is a canyon of sandstone and clay. It has a red color due to oxidized mineral particles. Power of two elements - water and wind has been creating this amazing site through several thousand years. Therefore, the canyon was called "Eolian castles", from the Greek word "Eol" - name of god of the wind. A visitor will discover a magical city with constructions that seem to be ruins of castles, towers, pyramids, temples and various bizarre images. One of them actually looks like a rock-castle - a massive natural structure 300 meters high has a flat top and jagged towers stand along its edges, as if guarding the tranquility of the silent kingdom.

The white river Chu crosses the narrow canyon on the bottom of this mysterious city. In some places, it is only a few meters wide. The surrounding elevations are a labyrinth, which appeared as rainwater seeped into the cracks and washed out sand masses.

Traveling through the canyon, you can reach a wide valley has grand panorama of the Eolian Castles, resting under the blue sky of Kyrgyzstan.

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