Petroglyphs of Chon-Koy-Suu Gorge


Many of the natural sights of Issyk-Kul are unique. The town of Cholpon-Ata is located on the northern coast of the Lake Issyk-Kul, and a corner of paradise - Chon-Koy-Suu is hidden close to it

Chon-Koy-Suu gorge is easy to reach, so day trips are often made here. It is worth seeing. The gorge’s cliffs are separated by the cognominal river. Chon-Koy-Suu flows like a winding snake, providing both slopes of the gorge with enough water to boost rich vegetation. This is truly a wonderful place with huge spruces grow here and there, and flat and hilly areas covered with bright multicolored flowering fields. There are numerous waterfalls higher up the river and further you see ancient glaciers. The harmony of amazing nature reigns here, the air is unusually fresh and invigorating.

Chon-Koy-Suu gorge has a surprise for those who are curious. Local cave paintings date back to about the first millennium B.C. Petroglyphs depict animals: goats, mouflons, camels, dogs, horses. Sometimes there are images of wolves and snow leopards. In addition, you can see scenes from the life of ancient people. These carvings are left by Sako-Usun and ancient Türkic tribes, and they proof people inhabited these places since ancient times.

Chon-Koy-Suu gorge and surviving petroglyphs are a real open-air museum.

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