Master classes, shows and original exursions


Here we tried to collect a full list of interesting events and activities that can extend any tour in Uzbekistan. .

  • Culinary master classes in cooking dishes of Uzbek cuisine.
  • Creative, craft and artisan master classes & workshops in Uzbekistan for children and adults.
  • Bright national shows with the participation of musical ensembles, dance and artistic groups.
  • Unique excursions to original cultural and handicraft facilities.
  • Visiting tea houses, wineries and tasting of Uzbek wines.

We can organize optional excursions and various master classes in Uzbekistan for both groups and individuals. Many of these events have been already included in the various programs of our tours. They have been held for several years and always enjoy a great success among our guests.

Event options

Master class on blacksmithing

Master class on calligraphy

Master class on gold embroidery

Master class on cooking manti

Master class on cooking pilaf

Master class on cooking damlama

Excursion to the Bagizagan winery

Excursion to the Khovrenko winery

Winery Tour Cháteau Hamkor and wine tasting

Tea testing

Master class on embossing

Excursion to the paper workshop

Master class on ceramics

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