Mater class on embossing


Event Content:
Master class on copper embossing (toreutics)  - the artistic metalworking  with the help of special tools (chisels, hammers, etc.) under the guidance of a skilled master-chaser.

Venue of the event:

  • Workshop of a chaser in Bukhara

The program of the master class on copper embossing:

  • Embossing is an extraordinary art, which in many ways manifests the ancient truth about the victory of soft over hard, water over a stone. Amazing transformation of metal under the influence of the slow work of a master, step by step breathing life into a piece of metal, is this not magic?
  • During the master class, guests will be able to see the process of making handicrafts toreutics and enjoy the mystery of unhurried transformation. Also, the participants will have a unique opportunity to apply the technique they have seen. A metal chaser will distribute small metal plates to the guests, on which they can try to emboss their favourite ornament.


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