Excursion to silk road paper workshop in Samarkand


Event Content:
Excursion to the unique Samarkand silk papermaking workshop.

Venue of the event:

The program of excursion:

  • In the suburbs of Samarkand, in the village of Kunigil (7 km from the city), there is an operating paper workshop, where craftsmen revive thousand-year-old handmade silk paper production methods.  
  • Papermaking has always been an exciting process. And the production of silk paper using ancient technologies that have come to us from time immemorial is doubly exciting. Paper is a capricious lady and does not tolerate mistakes in manufacturing. Samarkand paper, produced in this workshop, is used for restoration works all over the world.
  • A unique technology that allows to create the very paper on which books were printed several centuries ago - this is what arouses the genuine interest of all visitors without exception. Thanks to the workshop, it became possible not only to restore old manuscripts using identical paper, but also a chance for an outsider to plunge himself into the innermost secrets of a complex craft.
  • During the excursion, guests will be able to see all the stages of silk paper production using the same technologies and raw materials as hundreds of years ago. Those who wish can even take part in the papermaking process.


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