Excursion to the Bagizagan winery


Event Content:
Excursion to the Bagizagan Winery in the suburbs of Samarkand + tasting of Uzbek wines and cognacs.

The program of excursion:

  • Bagizagan Winery is located in the village of the same name in the Taylyak District, 25 km from Samarkand. Five generations of winemakers have grown grapes in the Zarafshan River Valley and today, Bagizagan produces some of the best wines and cognacs in Uzbekistan. Wine, made with love at this plant, has absorbed all the sun warmth of this land. 
  • First, you will have a short excursion to the vineyard plantation, where several grape varieties are grown. Here you can see how a grapevine grows, how people look after it, find out how farmers harvest grapes and how many efforts and care they put in that very day.
  • Then the guests will familiarize with the grape processing and wine-making technologies, learn the history of the creation and development of the plant.
  • At the end, testing of wines and cognacs will be held in a colourful sampling room in a cellar for those who want to participate.
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