Master class on blacksmithing


Event Content:
Master class on blacksmithing. Creation of metal goods under the guidance of an experienced blacksmith.

Venue of the event:

  • Forging workshop in Bukhara

The program of the master class on blacksmithing:

  • Blacksmithing is one of the oldest handicrafts in Uzbekistan. The territory of the Bukhara oasis for many centuries was one of the largest centres of craft production, including metalworking art. There are still unique workshops here, where knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, from master to student. Thus, ancient traditions are preserved, and the line of hereditary masters continues.
  • Guests will find themselves in the kingdom of fire and metal. During the master-class held at the forge, you will not only see the process of transforming shapeless metal into a work of art, but you will also be able to test your strength in blacksmithing under the guidance of an experienced craftsman.


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