Master class on cocking pilaf


Event Content :
Culinary master class on cooking Uzbek pilaf.

Venues of the event:

  • A guest house in Bukhara
  • A guest house in Samarkand
  • A guest house in Tashkent
  • A guest house in Khiva
  • The yurt camp at the foot of Lenin peak (the Pamir mountains, Kyrgyzstan)

The program of the gastronomic master class on pilaf cooking:

  • Pilaf. О нём слагают песни, снимают фильмы, пишут книги. В каждом регионе он свой, в каждом доме отличается от всех остальных, каждая семья владеет секретом, передающимся из поколения в поколение. Царь-блюдо, символ торжественной трапезы, достатка, мира и дружбы. Если вы приглашены на плов - знайте, что это демонстрация высшего уважения, признание вас желанным гостем. 
  • Being in Central Asia and not trying pilaf is something that has never happened to anyone here. There are not so many dishes in the world that are symbols of entire states, peoples, and epochs. You can talk about pilaf endlessly, argue about the best recipes and ingredients, speak about its history and role. But it is better to taste it at least once - the true pilaf, prepared in its homeland by real masters who know all the subtleties and ancient culinary secrets.
  • During the master class on pilaf cooking, experienced chefs will reveal many culinary secrets to you, and they will be happy to tell and show you how to cook Uzbek pilaf. Guests can take part in all stages of preparation of this dish. Cooking pilaf will turn into an entertaining feast thanks to the skill of oshpaz (a cook who specializes in pilaf) and the breathtaking aroma coming from the cauldron. After the pilaf is ready, our guests will be invited to taste and enjoy the prepared dish.


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