Excursionto the Khovrenko winery


Event Content:
Excursion to the winery named after M.A. Khovrenko in Samarkand + tasting of Uzbek wines and cognacs .

The program of excursion:

  • The history of Samarkand wine-making knows many noteworthy names. But two of them are especially significant: D.M. Filatov and M.A. Khovrenko. Filatov founded a winery on the territory of Samarkand and won world fame for it (the Biieshty wine, for example, was awarded with a gold medal at the International Wine and Cognac Exhibition in Paris in 1883). And Khovrenko turned the winery into a powerful plant, expanding production, introducing new grape varieties and securing a good name for the plant..  
  • At the winery named after Professor Khovrenko, the Filatov House Museum was founded, in the cellar of which the unique collection of wines of the plant founder is stored.
  • During the tour, guests will get acquainted with the details of wine production, learn the history of the plant and winemaking in Samarkand.
  • There is a sampling room where tasting of wines and cognacs produced at the plant can be arranged. Guests will be invited to taste wonderful Samarkand wines: table, fortified, vintage and ordinary dessert wines (including vermouth, port wine, liqueur, kagor), as well as cognacs and cognac beverages. The zest of the tasting will be the famous Balsam Samarkand, in the unique composition of which there are 40 components from herbs, grapes and honey.


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