Uzbekistan Short Wine Tour & Tasting


Winery "Hamkor" is located in the village of Namdanak in Parkent district of Tashkent region, 48 km from the capital (about one hour drive) at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level. Ideal climatic conditions - an abundance of sun, fertile soil and wind currents formed at this height - allow growing a rich harvest of exquisite grapes in this area.

“Hamkor" is one of the largest producers and exporters of bottled wine and wine materials in Uzbekistan. The farm's own vineyards area is about 400 hectares. Popular grape varieties have been grown here since 1992: “Pinot Noir", "Riesling", "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Merlot", "Chardonnay", "Shiraz" and others. The winery has a modern bottling line with a capacity of 1200 bottles per hour.

The chateau Hamkor produces about 20 varieties of wines: dry red Saint Marc, rose Josephine, white wines J'Adore, Louvre and others. French names are no accident – wines of «Cháteau Hamkor» are manufactured by French technology under the supervision of an oenologist from France, they have been patented in France and French winemakers praised their taste and give them the highest category of wines, «Grand Cru».

Cháteau Hamkor is also famous for its wine cellar, where aged varieties of selected collection wines are stored in special oak barrels and perennial bottles. Cháteau Hamkor products are sold in the domestic market of Uzbekistan, and are also exported to Russia, Poland, Lithuania, France, Japan, Korea and China.

Winery "Château Hamkor" has been organizing one-day wine tours and excursions with wine tasting on its territory since 2014.

Wine tour program includes:

  • Visiting vineyards.
  • A guided tour of the winery, during which guests will learn about Parkent's long wine history and viticulture traditions, as well as the development of Château Hamkor.
  • Visit to the wine cellar, where selected collection wines are kept.
  • Tasting of different varieties of wine: first, dry white - "Riesling", "Kuldzhinsky", "Soyaki", "Muscat of Alexandria"; then pink dry - "Aleatico"; and in the end, dry red - "Pinot Noir", "Saperavi", "Hindogni", "Cabernet", etc. During the tasting, guests will also be offered snacks - cheese, feta cheese, local bread.

Not far from "Cháteau Hamkor" is the picturesque mountain village of Sukok, where a lunch of delicious local dishes can be organized: samsa with herbs, shurpa, barbecue and pilaf.


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