Master class on gold embroidery


Event Content: :
Master class on gold embroidery on silk fabric + national show "Wedding ceremony - Chimildiq" .

Venues of the event:

  • Gold embroidery factory in Bukhara
  • Art Gallery in Bukhara

The program of the master class on gold thread embroidery:

  • First, you will have a tour in the silk factory where you will be acquainted with the history of gold embroidery, its origin and development. You will make an amazing journey through the world of silk and ancient technologies, you will see unique museum exhibits that have been preserved since ancient times and which are able to convey surprisingly accurately the spirit of the past and to immerse you into the magical world of gold embroidery art.
  • Then a master class on gold embroidery will be held. Factory workers who daily deal with an amazing combination of gold and silk and perfectly master the art of creating unique fabrics will give you an unforgettable gold embroidery master-class, during which you will be able to feel like a character in an Arabian fairy tale, who is painstakingly embroidering a silk Flying Carpet with gold threads.
  • Children will be also involved in this activity! For them a special embroidery master-class on pincushions will be organized, which can be taken with them.

Bonus to the master class:
A delightful show program in a distinctive national style, demonstrating the ancient wedding ceremony “Chimildiq” accompanied by an ensemble of national instruments.

This is really an unforgettable show that will allow you better to understand the culture and customs of the local people, to see all the brightness and diversity of their traditions that are carefully kept and passed down through generations.

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