Oriental calligraphy master class


Event Content:
Master class on oriental calligraphy + souvenir with your own handwritten inscription as a gift.

Venue of the event:

  • Crafts workshop in Samarkand (Uzbekistan)

The program of the master class on calligraphy art:

  • Guests will be able to plunge themselves into the world of leisurely creation of masterpieces. The firm hand of the master draws ornaments which are stunning in beauty and lightness, and as if nature itself creates this pattern - unique, exquisite, and almost perfect. The art of calligraphy came to this region many centuries ago and has been improving and developing since then. In the age of computers, everything that is written with your own hand has a special charm, particularly what is written very beautifully. 
  • During the master class, guests will have a chance to try to handwrite their names, taking into account all the nuances of oriental calligraphy. The inscription is made on a previously prepared sheepskin (parchment) or Samarkand paper using a special tool - qalam - an original bamboo stick. Participants of the master class will be able to take home a wonderful souvenir with their name written by own hand - this is a wonderful memory of a trip for many years¬, isn’t it?
  • Adults and children from 6 years old can take part in the master class.


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