Master class on cocking Damlama


Event Content:
Culinary master class on cooking national Uzbek dish - damlama (meat stewed with vegetables).

Venue of the event:

  • A guest house in Bukhara

The program of the master class on cooking damlama:

  • Damlama (dimlama, dimdama) is an amazing dish of Uzbek cuisine from stewed vegetables and meat, which has absorbed all the sun warmth of this blessed land. Light and at the same time nutritious dish with many vegetables and tender meat is able to satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated gourmet. The name of the dish comes from the Uzbek verb "dimlamoq", which means “to stew". Meat and vegetables are the perfect combination, with a plenteousness of useful properties. The damlama is prepared mainly in summer and autumn, when there is an abundance of seasonal vegetables.
  • During the master class, guests will be able to participate directly in damlama cooking process under the guidance of an experienced chef. Surprisingly, such a wonderful dish is very easy to prepare, and even the most distant from the kitchen people will be able to easily cook it, and later make it their speciality.


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