Incentive Tours in Central Asia

Incentive travel. Corporate and group incentive tours. Exclusive trips.


Incentive tours (Incentives) are becoming increasingly popular, which is quite natural as such exclusive trips can combine several very important advantages:

You can single out and encourage your best employees or thank your key partners, thus motivating the former to work more efficiently and the latter to cooperate more readily.
You can hold a scheduled conference, corporate party or some business event in such a way as to have some time for rest and travel in the unfamiliar country.
You can unite your people even more, if the business trip incorporates team building programs, sporting activities, bright adventures, interesting meetings and unforgettable shows.

Incentive travel is an investment in your employees and your company!

Why Central Asia?

It is hospitable, delicious, cheap, exotic, colouful and versatile;
It has numerous reasonably cheap five-star hotels with European-standard service, tasty food and well-equipped conference halls;
It is warm and pleasant, good weather prevailing there for about 10 months a year;
It boasts an extreme diversity of landscapes, the mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, artificial reservoirs and ancient monuments making the region a true oriental fairy tail.


The Central Asia Travel Company organizes incentive group tours for any number of people and any number of days throughout Central Asia. We offer a complete range of incentive and destination management services. Whether you are planning a small incentive program or a large conference, we manage all aspects of your travel and meeting needs, making sure that your group has accessibility to amenities.
We shall discuss with you every point of tour program to make it conform to your wishes and to build a tour that is perfect for your group! We can help you make up your own tour program or you can accept one of our offers.


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