Ceramics master class


Content of the event:
Master class of pottery craft in a ceramic workshop, creating of own pieces of artwork on a potter's wheel under the guidance of an experienced potter.
The master class will immerse ceramics aficionados in the mystery of creating original Uzbek ceramics, slightly open the veil of the centuries-old secrets of pottery, teach the basics of working with a potter's wheel and painting ceramics in traditional technique. Take a pottery class from a local master!

Possible venues:

  • House of hereditary ceramists and pottery workshop in Gijduvan
  • House-Museum named after Mukhitdin Rakhimov and the pottery workshop of hereditary ceramists in Tashkent
  • House of hereditary ceramists and pottery workshop in Rishtan

Ceramics is one of the most ancient crafts developed in the territory of Uzbekistan. In many regions, a unique school of art ceramics has been formed, which is typical for a particular area and different from all other schools.
Rishtan and Gijduvan ceramics, numerous clay figurines, toys and ceramic dishes - all these items, decorated with strictly defined ornaments and non-repeating patterns, best convey the warmth of the soul of the Uzbek people, its character and unique culture!

The program of the ceramic master class

  • Participants will visit one of the existing pottery workshops.
  • Under the guidance of a local master ceramist, they will create their own unique ceramic products on a potter's wheel.
  • ... or learn how to paint ceramic pieces. Painting on pottery with traditional techniques and original dyes is very exciting!
  • Visitors will also be offered a small tour around the ceramics museum, which displays ceramics related to the Tashkent, Gijduvan or Rishtan schools of potters.

Each participant will be able to take home a ceramic piece made or painted with his own hands.


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