Uzbek tea teasing


Event Content:
Tea party в in a tea house - tasting of tea with various spices and traditional Bukhara sweets.

Venue of the event:

  • A tea house in Bukhara

The program of tea tasting party:

  • Tradition of drinking tea has firmly settled in Uzbekistan. The Uzbek people drink tea always and everywhere: for breakfast, lunch and dinner, at home, on a visit and at work. No reception of guests, no meeting of friends or conversation will do without a cup of tea. It is especially popular in Uzbekistan to drink green tea or “kok choy” as it is called in Uzbek. Tea is served in piyala (a ceramic bowl) with fruit, lepyoshka (Uzbek flat bread) and oriental sweets.
  • Pilaf, lepyoshka and tea. They are three symbols of Uzbek cuisine, three inseparable ingredients of the culinary arts, three components without which it is impossible to imagine a festive table. And tea has a special place here. Everything starts with tea and everything ends with it. The first piyala of tea is served as a greeting to a dear guest and the last piyala of tea is as a wishing good journey. The taste of tea in the East is inseparable from leisureliness, coolness in the summer heat, an opportunity to stop and reflect.
  • Tea in the East is more than just a drink. It is a symbol. Even in the way a piyala of tea is served to you, even in this, there is an enormous meaning and symbolism. The most respected person is the one to whom the first piyala with teais served, and it is tea that symbolizes this. If you were given a piyala with a little more than half tea in it, do not think that it happened because the master of the house was greedy. For Uzbeks, this tradition is called “tea with respect”. This is done so that the guest does not get burned with a large amount of hot tea, and later, when necessary, to add a fresh portion of the hot drink to the piyala. This way the host not only shows respect and care for his guest, but also prolongs a pleasant tea party and a conversation. In this case the tea in your piyala will be quite hot all the time. .
  • During a tea tasting, guests can taste various varieties of this ancient drink, enjoy its special taste and aroma. A variety of Bukhara sweets will be offered for our guests as dessert: Kvorost (fried pastries), parvarda (Uzbek caramel), navat (Uzbek sweet made of grape juice syrup), puff dough lepyoshkas with kaymak (thick cream), dried fruits and honey.


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