Base Camps of Central Asia Travel Company under Lenin Peak

Services and infrastructure in Base Camp (3600 m) and in Camp 1 (4400 m)


The infrastructure of "Central Asia Travel" camps at the foot of Lenin Peak »»

Our camps will be open from June 29 till September 1, 2024

For ascending Lenin Peak, at your disposal we offer two large, modern, comfortable base camps equipped with all necessary facilities:

/ Base Camp “Edelweiss Glade" (3600 m) /



How to get to the base camp at the foot of Lenin Peak?

The starting point is the city of Osh (Kyrgyzstan). The journey from Osh to the Base Camp takes about 5 hours (280 km) by car and goes along the grandiose Pamir Highway (M41). A special permit is required to visit the Lenin Peak area: a Pass to the border zone.

Our Company will organize the transfer from Osh to the Base Camp and back from the Base Camp  to  Osh at any dates convenient for you during the operation time of the Base Camps from June 25 to September 1.

Our Base Camp is located in the alpine zone, on the picturesque Edelweiss Glade  (3600 m), which is  an ideal place for relaxation and full recovery after acclimatization ascents. This significantly increases the chances of a successful ascent to the summit of Lenin Peak.

A hiking trail to ascend Lenin Peak and other peaks in this area starts from the Base Camp.
Our Base Camp is one of the cosiest and the most comfortable camps in the Achik-Tash valley. It is the closest to the start point of the trail to the Travellers Pass.

Базовый Лагерь (3600 м) компании Central Asia Travel. Пик Ленина, Памир, Кыргызстан

Lenin Peak Base Camp: infrastructure

Everyone is very warmly welcome at our Base Camp. We will always offer hot tea with sweets to the all our guests who stay here, as well as those who just stop by our camp. We do not bet on the "mass service", which one way or another occurs in case of a huge number of customers. Our camp is spacious and not very crowded. This allows us to pay a personal attention to every customer and improve service quality, which makes our service exclusive.

The base camp (3600 m) has the rich and well-thought out infrastructure and offers the following services to its guests:

National yurts, which are lounges for leisure, dining and entertainment, where:

- it is warm and cosy: yurts are equipped with stoves heated up daily;
- it is comfortable: there is essential furniture (tables, chairs);
- our guests can have fun: yurts have electric supply  and  are equipped with audio and video devices;
- our guests  are served  with incredibly delicious food: dishes of Asian and European cuisines prepared by professional chefs, there is also a bar;
- there are board games: chess, cards, backgammon, darts;
- the strongest Wi-Fi signal is provided.

Comfortable heated camping tents are equipped with:

- electrical outlets;
- individual lighting - table lamps;
- wooden deck flooring and mattresses;
- blankets, pillows and changing linen (duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets);
- chairs in the "vestibule".

Alternative superior accommodation is available for additional payment: accommodation for two people in spacious Kyrgyz yurts, decorated in a national style and located on the territory of the Base Camp.

These yurts will please the most demanding guests with the comfort and exquisite decoration. Each yurt is designed for 2 people and equipped with all necessary facilities for a comfortable stay.

Tasty and healthy meals 3 times a day. The camp guarantees such meal to you, and in abundance:  2 hot dishes, 2 vegetable salads, fruit dessert, tea or coffee (optional). Vegetarian meal and special food on request are also provided. Professional cooks who have not less than 10 year experience in restaurants work in the Camps. A national clay oven, a tandoor, is installed at the Base Camp, in which fresh bread,  lepeshkas (national flat bread) and samsa are baked. For those who would like to celebrate their successful ascent, we can additionally offer juicy shashlik of lamb, beef and chicken.

Wi-Fi throughout the camp.

Shower enclosures and a sauna.  For those who want to feel clean again after climbing, the Base Camp offers an excellent sauna with a real steam room. It is heated up every day in the afternoon. Shower enclosures supplied with hot water are available during the day.

Toilets with flush tanks, as well as comfortable systemsfor washing with taps, soap and mirrors.

Luggage storage.

Medical assistance. The camp has a medical office with all the necessary medicines for first aid, where you can always find a doctor on duty. The doctor- intensivist has experience working at high altitude, so if necessary, he is able to provide qualified medical care at any time. His duties also include examinations, consultations and providing necessary recommendations regarding to your health.

A rescue team consisting of experienced high-altitude guides is always ready to help you.

Volleyball playground for those who do not want to spend free time in a tent. Let your rest be active every day!

Weather forecast for the Lenin Peak region, updated daily.

Information signs and lights, whichare set everywhere on the cosy and well-developed  territory of the Base Camp.

Первый слайд
Второй слайд
Третий слайд
Четвертый слайд
Пятый слайд
Шестой слайд

Additional services at the Base Camp:

- rent of high-altitude equipment: high-altitude tents  Red Fox Explorer, Mountain Foxsleeping pad , main rope Ø 9 ÷ 11 mm, dynamicavalanche shovelwalkie-talkie and GPS-navigator (guide keeps it), gas-burner, cooking kitchenware in the intermediate high-altitude camps C2 and C3.
- services of a mountain guide and porters;
- transportation of personal cargo from the Base Camp to Camp 1;
- a fixed set of high-altitude products from the Base Camp warehouse is provided to climbers for the ascent period;
- rent of a walkie-talkie;
- rent of a place for your tent on the Base Camp territory;
- laundry service;
- you can book an overnight stay in high-altitude tents which are set up in С2 (5300 m) and С3 (6100 m).
- sale of souvenirs

/ Camp 1 “Sunny” (4400 m) /



The journey from the Base Camp to Camp 1 takes 4-8 hours, depending on how physically prepared the group is. The trail passes through the Travellers’ Pass (4200 m) and then goes in parallel to the left dump moraine towards Lenin Glacier.

Our Camp 1 (4400 m) is located on the moraine of the Lenin Glacier, it is closer than any other camps to the Mountain. You will appreciate its location as an important plus not only during ascent, but also during  descent, when the only thing  you want is to throw off your heavy backpack and boots, change clothes, have a cup of hot tea, take a shower, relax and have a good lunch!

Advanced Camp 1 is one of the most comfortable camps on this glacier. Here you  always find a lot of Alpinists from different countries. This is a kind of oasis of life and comfort among snow, ice and stones.

Лагерь 1 (4400 м) компании Central Asia Travel. Пик Ленина, Памир, Кыргызстан

Infrastructure of Camp 1 (4400 m) consists of:

Comfortable yurts. They are  lounges of the same kind as we have in the Base Camp. yurts are equipped with heaters, tables and benches. They are  warm and cosy. Here you will find  the weather forecast for the coming days which is regularly updated. Also you can eat here very tasty meals. In yurts there is electricity, good Wi-Fi signal, audio and video equipment and a computer with Internet access. You can  listen to music here. There is also a bar.

Spacious camping tents. They are equipped with wooden deck floorings and have thermal insulation and foam rubber mattresses.

Первый слайд
Второй слайд
Третий слайд
Четвертый слайд

Balanced  hot meals from professional cooks (breakfast / lunch / dinner):dishes of European and Asian cuisine. It is also possible to have Vegetarian meals and special meal on request.

Wi-Fi on the camp territory.

Mobile Sauna. To wash in hot water among the eternal snows is incomparable pleasure!

Toilet. Here, of course, it is not as cool as in the Base Camp, but  it is  still quite comfortable. This is a kind of outdoor toilet, which looks like a small house with a roof and a door; it is always kept in absolutely clean  hygienic conditions.

Washbasins with hot water, soap and mirrors.

Luggage storage.

Additional services in Camp 1:

- recharging batteries, telephones and other equipment;
- purchasing and charging gas cartridges;
- services of high-altitude porters and mountain guides;
- you can book an overnight stay in high-altitude tents which are set up in С 2 (5300 m) and С3 (6100 m).
- sale of souvenirs.

The infrastructure of "Central Asia Travel" camps at the foot of Lenin Peak

Photo of Lenin Peak base camps:

Camp 1 (4400m) of Central Asia Travel company. Lenin Peak, Pamir, Kyrgyzstan Camp 1 (4400m) of Central Asia Travel company. Lenin Peak, Pamir, Kyrgyzstan Base Camp (3600m) of Central Asia Travel company. Lenin Peak, Pamir, Kyrgyzstan

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Descent to the glacier’s crevasse. Lenin Peak

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