Ecological action "Keep Snow Clear"

Annual environmental event in the area of Lenin Peak, Pamir


"Keep Snow Clear” is a traditional voluntary ecological campaign, which has been held under the leadership of our Company since 2014. Every year, members of our team, as well as those  who wish to participate in the campaign  from among our tourists, collect garbage not only from the glacier of Lenin Peak, but also from the high-altitude slopes around Camp 2 (5300 m) and Camp 3 (6100 m) throughout the summer season.  All collected garbage has to be carried down  and sent for recycling.

Every year many tourists from different countries of the world join our campaign on a voluntary basis: Russia, Nepal, Ukraine, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Serbia, Croatia, etc. On average, for the season, we carry down with our own hands from 200 to 400 kg garbage collected at high-altitude, its volume depends on the number of volunteers who join the campaign. As a small award, we give a symbolic prize - a T-shirt with the logo of the event to each participant of the Action.

Unfortunately, many climbers still leave garbage on the slopes, which pollutes the pristine beauty of the Pamir Mountains, worsens the ecological situation and contributes to faster glacier melting rate. We cannot stand it, therefore we intend to continue to do our best to keep the Lenin Peak area clear.

We strongly encourage all Alpinists and tourists to be aware of their responsibility to nature and to pick up their trash, and welcome those who wish to join our Ecological Action  and to make  their  contribution to  clearing the slopes of Lenin Peak from garbage.

The action is held annually, during the period of operation of our Base Camps. To join our Action, you can contact any employee of our Base Camp or Camp 1, they will explain to you how to do it.

We believe that over time, every Alpinist and tourist will adhere to the principle: "A clean place is not where it is cleaned, but there where litter is not thrown."

Below, you can find photos and reports on the environmental campaigns "Keep Snow Clear” that were held in previous years.

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