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We believe we"re just ordinary people...but are we? We"ll leave you to decide, friends and guests!

Bazarkul Zhoozhbaev
As the director of such a serious company is supposed to be, Bazarkul has a unique personality. He boasts two (or maybe more - who knows!) outstanding qualities. One of them can be told by his happy grinning face with shrewdness in the eyes, while the other by the solemn, almost stern expression of a man who is responsible for many important things his job and the very life of his comprise.
These two aspects of his personality make him a smart and vigorous director who along with the necessary leadership qualities - such as commitment, enterprise, ambition, determination, assertiveness and strictness - possesses approachableness, open-mindedness, and remarkable interpersonal skills and wittiness. He works as a Math and Physics teacher and has a scientific mind, so it is impossible to beat him at chess! And he has another amazing quality: he can disappear from one place and appear somewhere else almost immediately. We have witnessed this ability of our director many times but we do not know the trick yet. Once we looked for him in our Base Camp, feeling sure he was around - and he phoned us from the city of Osh, displaying his inherent sense of humor. His wife and eight children he is so proud of can certainly appreciate such a talent!

Mariya Khorosheva
Once you have a breathtaking idea of going to Lenin Peak and you have sent us a mail, it is Mariya who will answer it. She is in charge of all the adventure tours in our company. You will undoubtedly get a quick and detailed reply from her, and it is never a problem if you bombard Mariya with questions - she is used to such circumstances and deals with them perfectly. She very well realizes your strong wish to know about your journey as much as possible in advance. She herself is fond of extreme sports and knows almost all the details about them. Her working principle is patience and diligence; she cannot stand lazybones. At the same time, Mariya is an incurable romantic and a creative person; she is a Russian bard singer-songwriter and a free-time traveler with a camera she always has during her alpine journeys.

Alexander Bykov
He is a kind-hearted, sweet-tempered man, Sanya is a real enthusiast of mountaineering and mountain biking. An experienced mountain guide he always gives every attention and support to each member of the group he’s guiding: while making ground or stopping over in camp he’s always ready to cook up a brew to lift spirits, always eager to help out where needed. All his clients see him not only as a guide but also as a reliable friend it’s easy to feel genuinely comfortable with and with whom it becomes easy to overcome the hardships of mountaineering.

Gleb Bozov
Gleb is widely known as the designer of the Russian magazin Vertikalniy mir (‘Vertical World’). However, he became a member of our team for a different reason - he is an alpine guide one can only dream of. Gleb is a very experienced climber and a guide in high mountains. He travels throughout the world a lot, mostly alone, and is capable of seeing its most fascinating colors. Gleb is also an artist, and mountains are the main subject of his works. He is a vegetarian, but it is rather for his healthy soul than for good health. He is self-contained and very gentle. It is extremely interesting to talk to him, since he has read a lot and is quite broad-minded. Sometimes his high cultural level we witness prompts us feel ashamed of our occasional sharp words, irritation or senseless arguments over trifles. When we talk to him, we feel peace and never want to make silly jokes or put somebody in an awkward position. We naturally want to reach his high moral principles, which are so inherent in him, follow his example and eveluate ourselves in terms of his criteria. We remember the simple maxim we must follow to never have guilty conscience: treat people as you want to be treated… In short, Gleb is a real gem.

Islam Manyurov
No one but Islam has ever cooked such a wide variety of delicious dishes in alpine conditions, displaying chef’s creativity and pleasing our tongues every time. His culinary art in the mountains is really fantastic. He is undoubtedly considered the best chef of Lenin Peak Camp 1. If you are lucky to know him better, you will also appreciate his wit, sense of humor and optimism. Many of the ladies who visited the camp never remained indifferent to his talents and carefully copied his exclusive recipes to try them back in their countries. When you witness Islam thinking over a new menu and new original dishes aloud, it makes your mouth water already. And when you eat these cooking masterpieces, it is really a feast!

Vil Mangaliev
When we hear his name we associate it with the IDEAL order in Base Camp storage facilities - half of our team’s successful provision of the services our guests enjoy. You can wake Vil up in the middle of the night and ask where a black tea pack is, for instance - and he will tell you its exact location even without a torch. It is one of his talents, and this is also how Vil was raised to be like. He has everything recorded, categorized and numbered. Just ask Vil for what you need - and he will look it up in his magic book, find it and give it to you. If he is approached by English speakers - which is half of our guests - when they leave their things for storage or take them back, he answers in English, too - fluently. Besides the large number of responsibilities in the camp - running storage facilities, being on night duties and serving the guests at night, receiving food supplies from Osh, shipping food and tackle to Camp 1, weighing up porter cargo, controlling horse drivers and making sure the guests’ belongings they transport are safe, selling souvenirs, giving food out of the storeroom, and others - he feeds stoves, cleans the camp territory, helps in the kitchen, starts the generator and does many other chores. With all these, Vil remains calm and even-tempered - the qualities many of us still have to develop.

Paizulda Murzakanov
He is really “our man” in the Achik-Tash valley. A horse herder, and man of the house for his large family, time-proven team-mate and reliable friend aswell as a hospitable owner of the yurt where his family lives in the summertime. He is always ready to help our team in with a variety of problems, be it load transportation on the pack-horses, or with the temporary storage of the various equipment meant for Base Camp and Camp1 as well as the many other tasks which demand a prompt, efficient solution. A man of reason and a dashing, highly adept horseman who cares for and loves everything equine he is a simple and kind hearted man, aware of his responsibilities and who is attentive to the needs of his team mates - his fellow horse drivers. The latter appreciate his friendship and team working abilities under the arduous conditions of high altitudes because though all of them, grew up in these mountains, the Pamir is not always benign to its children and requires someone that knows and is aware of all the goings-on, intricacies and threats of treachery of the “Roof of the World”. For Paizulla the Pamirs are like an open book, the rolling book of life.

He is a serious man. He is a natural born horseman, grazer and general all-round equestrian. When he’s on horseback it seems as if he was made for the saddle but when his favourite steed Tarat (‘red steed’ in translation) is to carry a heavy load up to Camp 1, Maman never ride but walks by the side of his four-legged friend: Tarat is his workmate and Maman cares for him as a result. Tarat’s mane is never scruffy, always well-groomed as he is. Certainly, there isn’t one reason for Tarat to possibly grumble about his owner. It’s difficult to picture Maman without his steed: even when he drops in to the tent for a moment he can’t sit without fidgeting, worrying about his friend that he’s left behind. In the evening when Maman, together with the other horsemen, arrives in Base Camp while we’re all sitting in the kitchen having dinner to complete a hard day, Maman’s fond of regaling us with stories about horses, about life in the Pamirs or about the unusual incidents he’s witnessed while on the Peak.

Photos of the «Ascension on Lenin Peak» tour:
The biggest collection of photos of Lenin Peak: photos of ascension on Lenin Peak, photos of the summit of Lenin Peak, photos of Lenin Peak Base camps, landscapes of Achik-Tash and other beautiful photos of the Pamirs area.

Lenin Peak (7134 m). Pamir, Kyrgyzstan Expedition to Lenin Peak (7134 m) Going into the Camp 2. Lenin peak, Pamir, Kyrgyzstan Base Camp (3600m). Lenin peak, Pamir, Kyrgyzstan

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Videos of the Lenin Peak tour:
Video about Lenin Peak, video about Base camps, video of ascension on Lenin Peak.

Pamir Experience 2016Pamir Experience 2016 Base Camp Surroundings (3600 M) On The Foot Of Lenin PeakBase Camp Surroundings
On The Foot Of Lenin Peak
Lenin PeakLenin Peak Slideshow Descent to the glacier’s crevasse. Lenin Peak
Descent to the glacier’s crevasse. Lenin Peak

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