Lenin Peak Expedition: Which Base Camp To Choose

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19 Reasons to Choose the Services of Central Asia Travel Company

At first sight all the camps look alike. Still here are the company’s 19 advantages that can help you decide between the Central Asia Travel company and the rest of tour operators.

1. Our Base Camp (3600m) is the closest from the beginning of the trail to the Puteshestvennikov Pass! Our Camp 1 (4400m) on the moraine of the Lenin glacier has the most successful location, because it is closer to the Mountain than another camps! This is a significant plus and you can feel it by yourself, not only when you go up, but when you go down, when you want to throw off a heavy backpack and shoes, change your clothes, drink a cup of hot tea, relax, have a tasty lunch and above all get under a hot shower!

2. To be confident you are not alone even when you are on a solo ascent of Lenin Peak is highly important for the safety of any climber. With us you may be certain that your every step is tracked by the chief of our rescue team, who is on duty at Camp 1 for 24 hours registering all your movements in a special book, his radio station on and ready to receive calls at any time.

3.The team of lifesavers. Emergency is not something we like to think about. But mountains can be full of unpleasant surprises, and our lifesavers team is always in readiness.

4.Safety on the mountain is the primary issue in the commission of any climbing, especially high-rise. Therefore, to maintain a constant connection all the clients of "Central Asia Travel" obtain radio stations for the time of ascent for free. And so no one get lost, our guides fix landmarks along the route at the beginning of the season. Moreover, we regularly update the weather forecast for Peak Lenin in the next few days, because the weather in the mountains is a decisive factor in the success of the climb.

5. The Camp 1 personnel includes a professional doctor ready to render medical aid in emergency situations. The doctor’s kit has all necessary medication and equipment, including oxygen cylinders and masks!

6. Since 2017 anyone climbing to Lenin Peak can reserve a tent in Camp 2 (5,300 m) and Camp 3 (6,100 m) in advance. The tents are put up before the season and remain there throughout. Each tent can accommodate three mountaineers. Our rescuers at the camps arrange the accommodation schedule and keep the tents clean and in a good state throughout the season.

7. During ascent any emergency situation can arise at any time of day, and some accidents are too urgent to wait for a scheduled radio communication session (the first session occurs at 8 a.m., the last – at 9 p.m.). Our rescuers on duty, who stay at high camps at 5,300 m and 6,100 m to arrange for the participants’ accommodation in alpine tents, always have their radios on and are ready to receive a call from you 24 hours a day so that no time be lost to launch search and rescue operations.

8.The bonus for "Business", "Group" and «VIP» options includes a set of products for the period of ascent, which you can get from a Base Camp storeroom for free. Those travelling as an Economy Option can acquire this set for additional payment, the size of which is specified in the price list for additional services.

9.Company’s camps feature peculiarly decorated national yurts with heaters. When snowstorm rages outside, the warmth and comfort of the yurts attract all the campers, for here inside they can warm themselves and have a cup of hot tea or coffee.

10. Russian bath and shower in Base Camp (3600m) and shower in Camp 1 (4400m). For a mountaineer a bath is something he or she could dream of. After a week in the mountains, where you lack for the hygiene of a normal life, and cold weather is a common occurrence, nothing can be better than to delight in a real hot bath.

11. Tandyr (national oven for baking bread and meat pies - samosa). No one is indifferent to a tantalizing aroma of hot, freshly baked bread at the height of the Pamir mountains. Experienced mountaineers know that at high altitudes availability of fresh bread can scarcely be overestimated.

12. Have you ever seen in the mountain camp toilets with a toilet tank? Well, here, at our Base Camp, we have them.

13. If you fancy it (provided you've got the time) you can have a game of volleyball at the camp-site. A green volleyball pitch with a background of menacing snowy summits looks really quite spectacular. At the same time in yurts you can find facilities for more placid games: chess, cards, backgammon, and darts.

14. Being in the high altitude camp does not mean you have no access to civilization. Our Camp 1 (4,400 m) now features a high-quality high-speed Internet connection, and you can send a message or talk to your friends by Viber, WatsApp, Skype.

15. In addition to the mentioned above we appreciate homelike comfort and harmony. That’s why we provided our campsites with flowerbeds and accurate surfaced walks with a number of signs for easy orientation. The territory of our camps is properly lit even on very dark nights and in Base Camp every tent is provided with lights.

16. In Camp 1 (4400m) you don’t need to put your mats on frozen earth as we provide wooden decking with insulation, which are covered with thick foam mattresses. Besides, in Base Camp we also provide private matrasses, pillows, blankets and bed linen (sheets and pillowcases).

17. As a rule, while having rest in the Base Camp and Camp 1, people like to eat something really savoury. We suppose that juicy shish-kebab is the best dish to regain the strength of a tired mountaineer. This traditional oriental dish can be made of mutton, beef or chicken. And as a specialty, it can be even made of yak meat.

18. Each successful ascent brings you a genuine delight. We do share your feelings and are ready to arrange a real celebration of the event with a delicious freshly baked gala cake. Moreover, we keep the tradition of presenting our climbers with an official certificate to prove his or her ascent of the summit. A cake and a certificate are not the only pleasant traditions of ours. We have many other surprises which are in store for you during this celebration.

19. But what we are really proud about is our team. In all modesty we can say that our team is the best.

Photos of the «Ascension on Lenin Peak» tour:

Lenin Peak (7134 m). Pamir, Kyrgyzstan Expedition to Lenin Peak (7134 m) Going into the Camp 2. Lenin peak, Pamir, Kyrgyzstan Base Camp (3600m). Lenin peak, Pamir, Kyrgyzstan

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Videos of the Lenin Peak tour:
Video about Lenin Peak, video about Base camps, video of ascension on Lenin Peak.

Pamir ExperiencePamir Experience 2016 Base Camp Surroundings (3600 M) On The Foot Of Lenin PeakBase Camp Surroundings
On The Foot Of Lenin Peak
Lenin PeakLenin Peak Slideshow Descent to the glacier’s crevasse. Lenin Peak
Descent to the glacier’s crevasse. Lenin Peak

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