Video: The Dance of Baysun Mountains


High in the mountains, where sky and white, everlasting snowed summits of Baysun mountains are above, is situated the village of Avlod.

Avlod means “generation”. Many centuries ago, here has come the people, persecuted by foes and destiny, and began to live here in rest and peace. and they chose the place that it is quite difficult to reach. Behind the back are unnegotiable, snowed mountain peaks as well as at the left and right. Only along the sinuous mountain gorge by the side of which the impetuous and willful mountain rivulet flows, it is possible to reach the village. Having broken off the tyranny of oppressors, they created own little world. The centuries fell to oblivion, and life of Avlod village is still the same as before. People keep their way of life and traditions, passing them across the generations.

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