Trekking in Tian-Shan Mountains

Asian yellow rivers,
Asian white mountains,
If You have ever sighted it once -
Then You never forget it.
Asian dusty paths,
Asian sage old men,
And little bit of my Europe
In white plate of the airscrew…

"The Asian Song", Yury Vizbor

Having whispered the word «Asia» any man who even had not ever been there feels some strange nostalgia: it seems like not present man who he is now, but those man who he was in his last life had already been there and can remember many important things - not clearly, dimly, just like it was in his dreams… It’s like the adult recollects misty pictures from his childhood… Something attracts travelers here just like by turning on the genetic code. It seems, some Divine Principle, some Superior Intellect give powerful generating incentive to try to make clear for people the fundamental idea where the Absolute Truth is.
Asia… The cradle of the wisdom… The tabernacle of the spirituality… Finding of the afflatus… The country of tales and legends… Ages and ages - long, different, bright and bitter, ages of wanders and roams, searches and discoveries, ages of exhausting wars and happiness from the lucid moment, ages of peach-coloured sunrises, ages of expectation…
Asian dusty paths… Kind stranger, where are you? Where You are?
Asian sage old men… Slake your thirst from their generous cup with pure spring water…
It’s impossible not to visit Asia at least once in your lifetime, not to touch this sacred land blessed by hot white sun for long, happy life under foot of these eternal white mountains… So, where are you, kind stranger? Asia is waiting for you…


To the Toe of the Khan-Tengri Peak

Countries: Kyrgyzstan
Trekking in Tien-Shan mountains
Tour duration: 15 days
Duration of active part: 8 days
Best time to travel: July - August

The Tien Shan is one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. But it is its central part - the central Tian Shan - which is characterized by the maximum glaciation; there are indeed giddy heights here. Beautiful mountains (7000m), surrounded with their less high “brothers” settled down compactly here. The trek route presents some grand possibilities not only to set off trekking up on the huge Inylchek glacier divided into Northern and Southern torrents, but also to see the well-known lake Mertsbahera, and the main thing to touch the very root of magnificent, almost mythical giants - peaks of Khan -Tengri and Pobeda (Victory).

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The Chimgan Ring

Countries: Uzbekistan
Trekking in Tian-Shan mountains
Tour duration: 8 days
Duration of the active part: 6 days
Best time to travel: May

Chimgan mountain massif is justified considered most popular place of pilgrimage shrine for all devotees of the active mountain rest. It’s very strange, but landscapes of different climatic zones have converged and peacefully coexist amazingly here around the main summit of this unique massif - Big Chimgan summit (3309m). It seems like during many ages majority of plant species had acclimatized to hard life in conditions of frosty winters and hot summers - and, in addition, it is on altitude which is more then 1500m over sea level…

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To Famous Lakes of Western Tien-Shan by Horses

Countries: Kyrgyzstan
Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan
Tour duration: 15 days
Duration of the active part: 11 days
Best time to travel: July - September

This trekking is designed for the fans of horse riding who are keen to visit picturesque, intact corners of nature. The trek takes place in the mountains of Western Tien Shan and comprises a vast area, including the Kirghiz natural sanctuary “Sarichelek”. We start from the garden-clad Fergana valley, a pearl of Central Asia, through which the Great Silk Road passed. The mountainous area of Western Tien Shan is regarded as very attractive in the region, owing to its immense valleys and peaks exceeding 5000 metres.

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Sary-Chelek Horse Riding

Countries: Kyrgyzstan
Horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan
Tour duration: 10 days
Duration of the active part: 6 days
Best time to travel: July - September

Dear friends - lovers of horse riding routes! We would like to invite you to take part in journey by route which was created exactly for you. Here we took into account everything: your love for horses - may be most beautiful creations from all animals around the world - and those fact that you hope so much to reach most mysterious and amazing in its wild beauty places of nature, and also we suppose you wouldn’t think about everyday problems by way like what could you eat or where could you sleep.

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