Route to Pamir

Unique itinerary joins together two greatest mountain systems of Pamir and Tien-Shan. Itinerary starts from biospheric reserved area of Sary-Chelek with its jam - the same named lake and than crossing the highest Alay range as it was done by first explorers of Pamir finishes near to the foot of the northern wall of Lenin Peak - the snow giant!
In case you believe in omens and legends this trek is made especially for you, because one who crossed the border of Pamir by his own foots according to popular belief deserves to be considered as divine.

Adventure trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan - 15 days.

Program of the tour:

Day 1. Arrival to Bishkek Bishkek - Osh (flight).
Day 2. Osh - Aflatune.
Day 3. Aflatune.
Day 4. Uyalma.
Day 5. Sary-Chelek Lake.
Day 6. Kur-Ayrik pass.
Day 7. Kyzyl-Kiol.
Day 8. Kyzyl-Kiol - Osh.
Day 9. Osh - Kojokelen.
Day 10. Ak-Bura.
Day 11. Djiptik - Lenin Peak.
Day 12. Camp 1.
Day 13. Base Camp.
Day 14. Base Camp - Osh.
Day 15. Osh - Bishkek air flight. Departure.

Useful information for the tour:
Total duration - 15 days / 14 nights.
Active part duration - 9 days / 9 nights.
Total duration of itinerary - 85 km.
Maximal height - 4140 m.
Minimal height - 1200 m.
Optimal time for visiting: June till end of September.
This itinerary is conducted along territory of Kyrgyzstan by road transport, includes air flights.
The time of Bishkek - Osh flight is 1 hr. Time of Osh - Aflatune transfer is 6 hrs. Time of Osh - Kojo-Kelen transfer is 5 hrs.

Temperature during the tour: from +15° till +30° С.

Itinerary gradation: Itinerary has the initial level of difficulty and recommended for inexperienced tourist with elementary trekking experience.

Comfort - ****
Difficulty - **
Attractions - *****

- It is possible to make arrive via Tashkent. It is needed to get double entry Uzbekistan visa in that case.
- It is possible to make arrive via Osh.

Additions: After this tour you will have opportunity to spend several days at the warm bank of resort Issyk-Kul Lake or visit famous cities of the Great Silk Road.

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