Trekking in Pamir and Tien-Shan mountains

Having whispered the word «Asia» any man who even had not ever been there feels some strange nostalgia: it seems like not present man who he is now, but those man who he was in his last life had already been there and can remember many important things - not clearly, dimly, just like it was in his dreams… It’s like the adult recollects misty pictures from his childhood… Something attracts travelers here just like by turning on the genetic code. It seems, some Divine Principle, some Superior Intellect give powerful generating incentive to try to make clear for people the fundamental idea where the Absolute Truth is.

Asia… The cradle of the wisdom… The tabernacle of the spirituality… Finding of the afflatus… The country of tales and legends… Ages and ages - long, different, bright and bitter, ages of wanders and roams, searches and discoveries, ages of exhausting wars and happiness from the lucid moment, ages of peach-coloured sunrises, ages of expectation…
Asian dusty paths… Kind stranger, where are you? Where You are?
Asian sage old men… Slake your thirst from their generous cup with pure spring water…
It’s impossible not to visit Asia at least once in your lifetime, not to touch this sacred land blessed by hot white sun for long, happy life under foot of these eternal white mountains… So, where are you, kind stranger? Asia is waiting for you…



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