Traveller Horoscope 2011


The year 2010 is here with you! Everyone is very anxious to know about their future and those events that might affect their career, health, family life and financial status. Therefore, what does the New Year hold for you? What does it mean to you? Before you the leave the previous year behind your back, you may wish to get ready to know what exactly happens during the New Year. Every year is a New Year and every New Year is different at least in astrological terms. It pays you to know about your future! It is beneficial to know what happens to your future in a year. Every year has something special about it and this year is no different. The 2010 yearly horoscopes are for everyone, who wishes to know how they can induce career changing moves and methods.

The year 2010 is in front of us! The year 2008 has been one that involved serious problems like income crunch and an alarming increase in the daily expenses. It was also a year of mixed results for almost all sun signs. However, the New Year ahead of you is different! It is fresh and invigorating to most of us. Before you say bye to the year 2009, get ready to welcome the brand New Year 2010. It is possibly the best time to see what this year has in its chest! Take your time to look at your future and visualize your new promises, fresh hopes, new dreams and visions. Use these precious tools to make your future.

The brand new 2010 yearly horoscopes are here to help you find ensured and successful predictions. They are also here to help you gain an invaluable insight into those details that might help you shape your career. Our predictions for the New Year also provide you a detailed outlook on your family life, money matters, health, education, travelling, career development and a range of other important issues that can make or break your life. Our free 2010 horoscope predictions are free for you and they are just a click away from your mouse.

The year 2010 is almost here at your steps! Just think of how your New Year will be, when you know everything about your future much before others actually do! This portal offers you the best 2010 horoscopes composed by seasoned and professional astrologers. The lists of predictions are exhaustive and they cover everything from career, love to your health. If you are looking for most authentic prediction for the year 2010, you have come to the right place. The 2010 yearly horoscopes for the all the twelve zodiacal signs will give you an opportunity to know how you can handle the New Year and how you can get yourself ready to face all those problems and obstacles. It is also possible to turn your dreams into big realities by knowing the yearly predictions well in advance. The yearly horoscopes presented here will help you satisfy your intense desire to learn and understand what the New Year holds for you and your family. Start knowing your future now!

Aries Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Mar 21- Apr 19):

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it signifies unlimited energy, enthusiasm, energy and adventurism. The characters of courage come naturally to all Arians. It is no wonder that this sign is the most exciting and powerful of all other sun signs. All Arians are endowed with such wonderful attributes as confidence, determination, will power and dedication. Aries 2010 horoscope has many things in store for these people; some of the predictions for people under this sign are very encouraging while few others are truly exciting. The coming New Year foretells many new achievements and successes that did not materialize in the previous year. Being an ambitious Ram, a typical Arian could be very adventurous in his or her life. He or she may also act out of impulsiveness and determination to achieve success in life. An average Arian always looks different and fresh when compared to other sun signs. New ideas and plans come to them naturally while they can easily execute these ideas to achieve desired successes. The Arian is an expert in both thought and action, is very open to new ideas, suggestions, and he or she loves freedom very much. According to horoscope it is nessesary for Arians to make a trip, which could successfully strengthen relationships with dearest people. The tour “To the Heart of Tamerlane’s empire” is the smost suitable for you to realize this aim.

Aries 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
Arians working as career professionals, executives and officers enjoy working for their professions and the New Year, 2010 Aries horoscope can bring very exciting news about career promotion and development. However, they may need to wait until the second quarter of the year to get that elusive pay hike and promotion. The first few months of the year could be turbulent because of unexpected investments and expenditures. However, the situation will be far better as you enter the last phase of the year. Career prospects for people who are looking for positions and jobs are good in the first two quarters of the year. However, the prospects of getting a new job will be far more difficult because of the unfavorable planetary position especially during January and February.

Career prospects and monetary positions for Aries 2010 yearly horoscope will look bright for Arians who work as finance consultants, auditors, administrators and liaison officers. People work in entertainment and hospitality industry will reach enormous success levels. Middle and early parts of the New Year could be very stressful and distressing for most Arians because of economic turbulence. People who invest money during the early part of the year may lose their asset base while risky venture may not yield expected gains. People who seek a change in their position may need to wait for the end of the year to get better jobs.

Aries 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
In spite of instability in the career front, most Arians find solace in their family life. Family affairs are bound to improve in the last and second quarters of the year when the financial position starts to stabilize. In general, family life and marital relation will be very satisfactory for most Arians. Your spouse and children will form a very tight family bond with you. Socially speaking, you will find better times again in the last parts of the year as signified by Aries 2010 yearly horoscope. Those people who are unmarried and looking to marry, times will be more auspicious in the late months of October and November when they may tie their nuptial knots. You may think of investing your money on home renovations when you get that elusive pay hike sometimes in the months of November and December.

Aries 2010 Education Horoscope
Aries 2010 yearly horoscope is not too promising for students and scholars as they may find very difficult to achieve academic success. However, good times will return in the last quarters of the year. Students who are aspiring to conduct research may need to hold on until the end of the year. Hard working students may find their success even though the progress of the research could be very slow. Travelling options and prospects for students, scholars, executives and managers may reduce by a marked degree in the first half of the year. In all, the last parts of the year seem to work for students, scholars, managers, executives, bankers and investors.

Aries 2010 Health Horoscope
However, the most promising news for all Arians relates to their general health status. Most of them experience very good health throughout the year. However, people who are facing problems in the job position may face some trouble in the first half of the year. Good food, exercises and a balanced mind will help Arian to stay calm and composed throughout the year.

Taurus Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Apr 20- May 20):

People who are born under Taurus zodiacal sign possess very significant characters that are special to only this sign. Very stubborn, adamant, influential, practical, pragmatic and smart, a typical Taurus is a sign of stability and conformity. These people can reach very high success levels due to their power of will and perseverance. All these positive traits make them extraordinarily powerful and energetic. Even with all these powerful qualities, a typical Taurus person can be extremely personal and caring towards other people; affection and loyalty are two friendly words to these people. A person who is born under this sign can be very expressive and caring while giving their opinions on any subject or topic. They can easily indulge in great debates and discussions where one needs to give scholarly thoughts and ideas.

Another positive quality of a person belonging to this sign is his or her ability to make friends with all people. In fact, these people may have a large friend circle that likes to hang around all the time. A typical Taurus person can show immense affection towards the opposite sex. In all, a Taurus person is a wholesome person who can succeed any day with a sense of deep purpose. Taurus 2010 yearly horoscope is a mixed bah for them as they may face some setbacks or disappointments throughout the year. It could be an average year for these people because of some uncertainties in their career development.

Taurus 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
Taurus 2010 yearly horoscope is a mixed bag with uncertain career development options. The first quarter of the year may display uncertain times for people who are looking to promote their career. People may see a likely failure while undertaking sensitive business ventures. It is also likely that the first half of the year may be a bit bad for people who are looking to raise their income levels. Hasty investments and ill-planned career moves can derail your personal finances. Pay hikes and promotion may be very hard to come by while people may face competition in the workplace. However, most people who are born under this sign may escape any psychological ordeals with their sheer will power and determination.

People working in advertising and entertaining industry may get tremendous success in their career. Female show-persons, actors, models and costume designers will stand to gain immensely satisfying results. People who are looking for a career in motion picture and hospitality industry will get their break in the second half of the year. In summary, most Taurus people will find the second half of the year to be more promising and encouraging. You can try yourself in someinteresting trip, for example, “Mountain Kingdom in Aksu Karavshin”.

Taurus 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
Love, family and social life for Taurus people can be somewhat disappointing throughout the year. Immense marital and domestic trouble may brew in the first quarter of the New Year while the last quarter may act as a period of reconciliation. Due to the bad confluence of Mars and Saturn planets, Taurus people may undergo serious marital strain in the first half of the year. However, the legendary will power of Taurus will see these people recuperate from all possible domestic upheavals. People who are looking towards new relationship will need to plan very carefully. Social life for the New Year could be very disturbing while workplace relationship could see marked disturbance. In all, the last part of the New Year will bring hopes and encouragement to all Taurus people.

Taurus 2010 Education Horoscope
On a positive note, 2010 Taurus horoscope is an excellent year for students, researchers and scholars. Professionals who work in research laboratories may do exceedingly well in their field. Students may see unqualified success coming in their way in the first half of the year. Academic achievements and scholarship gains are possible in the second half of the year. Due to their innate intelligence and eruditeness, Taurus people can reach very high success levels throughout the year. Travelling is possible many Taurus students in the middle parts of the year.

Taurus 2010 Health Horoscope
Health wise, Taurus 2010 yearly horoscope may not to be too good. Occasional health problems may impede daily life while health problems associated with lungs and stomach may bother people in the last quarter of the year. Minor accidents may await some Taurus people in the third quarter of the year.

Gemini Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (May 21- Jun 21):

Of all the zodiacal signs, Gemini is perhaps the most interesting and exciting sign with its own special characters. It is mot only extremely active, but also friendly sign with its pleasing persona and demeanor. Other people simply love and adore Gemini persons just because of their out going nature. All Gemini people simply love to talk endlessly about any topic under the earth. However, their chatting has a lot of meaning to it, as they love to choose a special topic interest to all concerned parties. All Gemini people possess a highly innovative mind and thinking attitude; they are too intellect and intelligent to indulge in loose and useless talk. Being extremely imaginative and trustworthy, people born under this special sign can set up instant personal equation with others.

A typical Gemini person cannot bore anyone! Gemini 2010 yearly horoscope is the one that provides immense charm and excitement. The New Year provides a great opportunity to acquire all the success from life; money, profits, marital happiness, career gains and promotions are some of the benefits that these people will more likely to get in the New Year. The New Year also gives them a chance to recuperate the losses made in the previous year. However, Gemini people may need to stop being too inquisitive and argumentative if they want to achieve success in the New Year. Travelling in some interesting country will help you to have relaxation, use orpportunity to participate and see “Oriental Adventures”.

Gemini 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
Like most of the other signs, even Gemini is more likely to start with unexpected problems. Gemini year 2010 horoscope foretells some problems in the field of work and at workplace. A question arises about the stability of present income and career promotion may arise during the first quarter of the year. It is also possible that some of your office people will overtake you in some sensitive career related moves. It is almost difficult to expect career promotion and pay hike during this part of the year. It is also possible that you will never be able to reach that desired goalpost.

However, changes will be on the air in the rest of the year especially in the last phase of the New Year. The period of March to June will provide that stepping stone to reach career success in later parts of the year. The second part of the year will be extremely productive and satisfactory. Planetary position indicates career promotion and generation of sufficient income. Social life in the office is very satisfactory in the second phase of the New Year. However, Gemini 2010 horoscope indicates a minor period of lull sometimes during the months of October and November. Overall, the New Year is a very good and productive year for people born under this sign.

Gemini 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
The 2010 yearly Gemini horoscope indicates some sort of marital and relationship problems. The first quarter of the year may pose a stiff challenge in the way people handle their problems related to marriage and family. Loose talk with the spouse may lead to problems like severe strains in the relationship. However, the second half of the year may provide opportunity for Gemini people to mend fences with their loved ones. The relationship with kids will be on an even keel. Mending and repairing existing relationship should be the top most priority for Gemini people. People who are looking to marry their sweet hearts will get a chance to tie knots in the fag end of the year.

Gemini 2010 Education Horoscope
The 2010 Yearly Gemini horoscope for students, scholars and researchers indicate a mixed bag of predictions. However, they will need to put in lot of hard work to achieve desired success levels. Fickle mindedness and lack of concentration may lead to failures. However, Gemini students can perform better when they are under immense stress. Boosting confidence level may help these people to achieve what they want to, especially in the fag end of the year. Travelling is in the air for some Gemini people, especially in the areas of studies like foreign affairs and international relations.

Gemini 2010 Health Horoscope
In spite of all odds and difficulties, Gemini people will experience very good health throughout the year barring occasional minor health problems. However, Gemini people may face some health problems related to nervous systems and digestive canals. Gemini 2010 yearly horoscope ensures better health and mind throughout the year.

Cancer Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Jun 22- Jul 22):

A typical Cancer person is an acutely sensitive individual and secretive. Cancer sign is also very private and hidden with its own likes and dislikes. A Cancer person can hide his or her emotions with utmost secret. A person who is born under this sign is too emotional and nostalgic with old memories haunting the conscience all the time. Hence, Cancer people can be too fragile and mentally sensitive to any situation that demands mental stability. However, these people are simply lovable and affectionate! They can be very loving, caring and dedicated to people whom they admire. In nature, crabs live on the shores of seas and oceans which are possibly the most dynamic and energetic place on the earth. Because of the ever-changing environment, crabs have the immense ability to protect itself from all lurking dangers.

Cancer 2010 yearly horoscope could be a special year for all Cancer people. The New Year could bring you very good news with special occasions helping you to enjoy the very essence of life. Because of the favorable confluence of Mars and Venus, people who are born under this sign could show signs of hyperactivity and energy. These people may make an effort to mix with different people and make friendship with at least some of them. Self-confidence will come back to them thus making them overtly ambitious and goal driven. It is recommended to find new directions for potential realization – travelling by “The Chimgan ring”.

Cancer 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
Cancer 2010 horoscope has some interesting things coming in the career front. In spite of all those bubbles of unlimited energy and enthusiasm, Cancer people may still find the going tough in the work place especially during the last quarter of the New Year. The first quarter of the year may be just above average for those who are seeking better career options. They may feel the intense pressure of work in the middle parts of the year while working relationship with the superior may sour in the latter parts of the year. The results obtained during this part of the year may not be too good. The middle phase of the year is extremely good for investing and making money. Bankers and investors can do well in the third quarter of the year while people looking for promotion and pay hike can expect to get their share in the first quarter of the New Year.

The first six months of the year will see Cancer people getting more creative and innovative. Cancer 2010 yearly horoscope will bring a sense of stability to people belonging to this sign. However, the months of September and October may see people spending too much money on things that are unwanted and wasteful. Financial results are good and satisfactory especially in the months of December and early months of 2011.

Cancer 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
Like all other sun signs, even Cancer people may face some family and martial problems related to children and spouse. The months of April to June could pose some sort of problems to people who are born under this sign. However, the signs are promising and rosy in the latter half of the year, from October to December. The 2010 Cancer horoscope indicates that the relation between family members will be excellent with everyone enjoying fine camaraderie and association. Unmarried people may find their life partners sometime in the middle of the year and some of them even marry their love during the end of the year.

Cancer 2010 Education Horoscope
Educators, students, researchers and scholars may find the day’s tough going especially in the months of April and May. Students may find their studies challenging while scholars will face some ordeals in their research studies. Extreme dedication and strong will power can help students to overcome all obstacles. Travelling is possible during the end of the year when scholars and students may travel to overseas destination for higher studies.

Cancer 2010 Health Horoscope
Health wise, all Cancer people may find the New Year very pleasing and uneventful. Cancer 2010 yearly horoscope indicates the people will experience very fine health barring occasional health problems that are minor and not dangerous. However, some people may face minor digestive system and nervous problems especially in the months of July to October. In summary, the New Year could be eventless to many people though some months can be exciting and challenging.

Leo Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Jul 23- Aug 22):

Lion is the king of the forest and he can survey the entire forestland with an aristocratic outlook. Most demanding and dominating of all the animals is the Lion because of its imposing presence. It is no wonder to see that people who are born under Leo sun sign are the most dominating of all sun signs. Leos are the most expressive, creative and immensely out going of all people. Just look at a Leo person and you will see how creative and inventive they are! A typical Leo can be very attractive, imposing and magnetic in looks and demeanor. With all those tough looks, Leos can be very kind and humane as well. In general, all Leos are courageous, creative, exciting, dominant, disciplined and ambitious in their approach.

The 2010 Leo yearly horoscope has some exciting and satisfactory news for its residents. Most parts of the year could be very beneficial to Leos while some could pose unexpected troubles and problems. Leos will do extremely well in their career choices and creating a solid income base. On the other hand, they could expect some moderate to serious marital problems with a lack of understanding between spouses. However, most Leos will mend their fences with their counterparts sometime during the year-end. It is necessary to have a time for the rest and that’s why it is recommended to go for some new destinations. Stars promise to present many positive changes in case you will have a wish to see “Sogdiana - the gem of Orient”!

Leo 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
The first few months of the New Year looks very rosy for Leos especially if they have their own business ventures. Providence has very good things in store for most Leos in their work place environment. Better career options, ensured pay hikes and promotions are some of the benefits that Leos can expect in the first half of the year. Financial position will improve in the middle part of the year while some Leos can even invest in lucrative business ventures to earn decent profits. The Leo 2010 yearly horoscope indicates sound financial position throughout the year. People looking for better jobs may get one while Leos who are looking for a change in the place of work may find their place during the end of the year.

Partnerships and joint ventures may get a fillip in the first quarter of the year. Financial projects and investment ventures will take in the expected lines. There may be one instance of hitch in the month of October when Leos may face inordinate delays in the execution of some projects. Workplace relationship and interaction with superior will be smooth throughout the year. Sales people, managers, self-employed professionals and financial controllers will find the New Year very thrilling and exciting.

Leo 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
The only problem with the 2010 Leo yearly horoscope is on the marriage side of the life. Most Leos may witness a series of problems and discords in the marital relationship that may even create problems for children. Leos must be careful in how they handle their personal relations with their either spouses or lovers. The last part of the year may pose very delicate problems to Leos. However, with a composed mind, Leos can solve any problems in their marriage; December will be the month when Leos will see their personal relationship improving with their spouses. A calm and secured mind will solve most of the marital problems for Leos while deft handling of critical situations can help them to bring about stability in the relationship.

Leo 2010 Health Horoscope
The nagging thing that may trouble many Leos is the recurring appearance of some minor ailments, though none of them is serious. Most common health ailments could relate to digestive systems, back, nervous and circulatory systems. Fatigue and weakness could also bother Leos to some extent. The 2010 Leo horoscope is safe enough for Leos to lead life contentment.

Virgo Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Aug 23- Sep 22):

Of all the sun signs, Virgo is the most colorful and glamorous! It is the only sign that is feminine in character! People feel that a feminine character is weak and fragile. However, this feminine character is neither weak nor meek; she is rather very strong and demanding. She is also highly creative and inventive in her personality. People born under this sign are extremely smart, erudite, refined and scholarly. Virgo is also a much-disciplined sign that values the principle of orderliness and cleanliness. Apart from these noble characters, she is also conventional and highly traditional. Practicality and punctuality are the hallmarks of these people as well. Other positive signs are conservativeness and steadfastness that eventually will help them to assert their superiority over others. However, they are too suspicious of other’s motives and ambitions. Virgo 2010 yearly horoscope brings lot of good luck to Virgo people.

Virgo 2010 horoscope has some interesting predictions for Virgo people. In spite of putting lot of efforts, they may fail to seize the initiative to turn odds into success. This is so true for some Virgo people especially in the career front. The New Year could mean a lot to Virgos. In fact, it may be a year of changes and transformations; a change on the workplace may exert lot of pressure on most Virgos. Long cherished promotion and pay hike may never materialize to them. With aim to improve relationships with your friends it is recommended to you to go to some exotic countries, see “The Great Silk Road”.

Virgo 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
One nagging aspect of the 2010 Virgo horoscope is in the career related issues. Planetary positions are not too good for most Virgos in the first half of the year. Career progress seems to be very difficult during this phase of the year. The first quarter of the year may prove very dicey and difficult as efforts to redeem the career position may yield very little. Disappointments and disillusionments are common at the juncture. A change in the workplace is a distinct possibility, sometimes during the last few months of the year. Financial related matters are not too rosy in the first half of the year while the second half will see a remarkable stability in the financial position. Long awaited promotions and pay hike may never materialize during the New Year. Conventional wisdom indicates Virgo people should not take hasty or urgent decisions. The last few months of the year, (November and December) may prove to somewhat good for many Virgos. Some Virgos may earn a significant amount of income during these two months. At least some Virgos may find some form of solace and contentment at this time.

Virgo 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
The Jew Year will bring both good and bad news to most Virgos. Most of them may witness some sort of problems in the domestic front with their spouses and children. All these problems may arise because of career and money related problems. Virgo people may need to exercise enough caution and care as serious discord may lead to serious consequences. 2010-year Virgo horoscope also indicates anxieties and stressful situations bothering Virgo people in the first half of the year. Prudent and intelligent Virgos will play their games smartly to escape any serious problems.

Virgo 2010 Education Horoscope
One positive aspect of 2010 Virgo yearly horoscope is that most students will find it very encouraging and promising. Aspiring students and scholars will find the year very productive. Jon prospects for scholars will be very bright. Education related travelling is a distinct possibility for some Virgo people. In all, the New Year is very promising and bright for students, scholars, academicians and teachers.

Virgo 2010 Health Horoscope
The 2010-year Virgo horoscope for heath is very kind towards most Virgos. Most of them enjoy perfect health throughout the year especially the first half of the year. However, they may face moderate health problems related to digestive and circulatory systems. They may need to take care of health in the second part of the year. Relocation to other place may induce some stress to Virgos because of the shortage of income.

Libra Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Sep 22- Oct 22):

A sign of fertility and a symbol of harvesting, Libra is a great sign that is not only inanimate but also unusual. Libra raises itself when people start harvesting their crops. All other sun signs represent one or the other animal but Libra is quite different and fresh; it is quite different and unique in all forms. Libra also symbolizes a composed mind and balanced life. It is a sign for all seasons. Its very calms, mellowed and relaxed when compared to other sun signs. Just look at those Librans and study how they behave and act with their friends and colleagues. In almost all cases, they are well mannered and highly relaxed in their behavior. Librans are very intelligent and smart. Librans are highly polished and well mannered with a sense of superior civility.

They are also charming and magical! They like harmony and equilibrium in life. They are kind and cordial to other people. It seems that Libra 2010 yearly horoscope signifies immense gains and precious property. Of all the sun signs, Libra seems to be the most fortunate especially throughout 2010. All Librans have a great period ahead in the year 2010. Peace and prosperity come naturally to them in the New Year. In spite of innumerable successes, there may be instances of some failures and disappointments especially in workplaces.

2010 Career and Income Horoscope
Year 20010 Libra horoscope is a stabilized period of relaxation and normalcy because of the favorable confluence of two planets like Venus and Mars. Career related aspects or money related matters might not work to your advantage especially in the first half of the year. However, the second part of the year may pose some trouble or hiccups. In summary, the year 2010 is very good for all Librans because of the stability in both job and income. It is more likely that some Librans changing their place of work and residence in the last quarter of the year. This change is always good for them as it can bring them a remarkable change in their social and personal life.

Again in stock market or financial investment is a certainty in the last quarter of the year while speculators and commodity exchange traders may stand to make lot of profits. Career promotion and pay hikes are also very common for many Librans. However, Librans may spend a lot of money throughout the year that they may need to curb in order to save for the rainy day. Hard work and dedication may make Librans unbeatable in all aspects of their career.

Libra 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
The fist few months may not be too smooth for Librans because of an impending lack of communication between spouses. The first quarter may see Librans at odds in their married and love life. Relationship may sour during this time. The 2010 Libra yearly horoscope is very strong in the marital aspects that may eventually help them solve all pending problems in the last quarter of the year. Relationship with opposite sex will be very good in the second and third quarter while children tend to love their parents throughout the year.

Libra 2010 Education Horoscope
The 2010 annual Libra horoscope is quite good for students and scholars as well! The first two quarters of the year will help them achieve what they want in their academic life. Scholarships are a certainty for Libran students in the last phase of the year. Overseas travelling is a certainty in the middle parts of the year while scholars can produce research work of highest caliber. Superiors and friends will appreciate Libran student’s work. Many Libran students will succeed in their exams with excellence. However, the fag end of the year may provide some moments of anxiety in the field of research studies. In the end, the New Year is a period of stability and achievements for Libran students.

Libra 2010 Health Horoscope
The Libra 2010 yearly horoscope is very favorable to Librans in the domain of health. Fine health is written all over for all Librans while they relax at their time to enjoy the goodness of life. However, the last few months of the year may pose some health problems related to circulatory system.

Scorpio Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Oct 23- Nov 21):

A Scorpio is a very intensive animal and a persuasive creature. The entire zodiacal system is full of glorious animals and the Scorpio is the most secretive animal of them. People born under this sun sign are extremely passionate, secretive, magnetic, demanding and thoughtful. Dedication and single-minded attention are two of the most precious qualities that come naturally to these people. They pay attention to every detail while their sense of ambition can get them what they want. They can be the undisputed winners in any profession they show provided they work towards their goals. They can be vindictive and jealous if they find that something is occurring that goes against their wishes and needs. They will need to exercise enough caution to guard against such tendencies, as they can be counter-productive in the end.

Scorpio 2010 yearly horoscope can be a mixed bag of results with some pleasing results interspersed with equally bad occurrences. People who are pursuing long-term goals can get unqualified success in the last parts of the year. Those who do not possess any goals may feel stranded in the middle. However, the New Year may not bring very bad results. Use the chance to celebrate “Christmas at the Oriental fairy tale” it in special way travel The whole year is just above average with right type of advancements in the career front as well as family domain. In general, Scorpio people will feel energetic and enthusiastic about their work and action.

Scorpio 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
The months of January and February will bring much needed changes in the workplace when Scorpios have the fortune of getting the long cherished pay hikes or promotions. However, the result obtained may not be up to the expected levels. The changes that occur in the workplace may not be too satisfactory as the relationship with colleagues may be just ordinary. In all, Scorpios may start the New Year on a low key. The 2010 Scorpio horoscope for career may see a dramatic shift during the middle phase of the year when some Scorpios may get the biggest success of their life in the form of promotion to a higher position. Money and fame come along with the new position as well. The second part of the year is one full of surprises and successes when some Scorpios will reach the pinnacle of their career with the right type of incentives coming along their path. Positive mental outlook coupled unlimited energy will help them to work towards other important goals.

Many Scorpios may play their philanthropic roles during this time. Social circle will grow bigger day by day while the long awaited investments will show amazing returns. Positive results come their way during the last months of the year especially in the investments made in stock markets. The year 2010 Scorpio yearly horoscope could provide the most eventful year in the Scorpios life because they can convert everything into gold with their hard work and dedication.

Scorpio 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
Like career success, almost all Scorpios will have a rollicking family life in the first half of the year; the relationship between spouses is extraordinary while children simply love their parents. Social life will bring many positive vibes in Scorpio’s life. However, the second half of the year may pose some problems for Scorpios as chances of some marital discord may arise due to a lack of proper communication. Solving the problems in a mutual way will help Scorpios to bring back the relation to the earlier levels.

Scorpio 2010 Education Horoscope
The 2010 Scorpio horoscope may be very complicated to students and scholars. Academicians and researchers will find the year very tough because of unforeseen problems in the field of research. Students may not get the scholarship they always wanted while grants for research work may not come so easily. However, the second part of the year is quite hopeful for those who do work in research labs and centers. Student will do well in the later parts of the year when they find their examinations very easy; during these months, they will also get a chance to travel out of the country for a short term, study. Engineering and management students will do exceedingly well during this time.

Scorpio 2010 Health Horoscope
One negative thing about all Scorpios is that they are more prone to minor health complications and ailments. Most Scorpions face innumerable troubles with their digestive system disorders especially in the months of October to December. The 2010 Scorpio annual horoscope indicates that the first two quarters will be good for them as they are likely to enjoy the best of their health.

Sagittarius Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Nov 22- Dec 21):

Of all the sun signs, Sagittarius is the most energetic and positive sun sign with its extremely dynamic personality mixed with passion and excitement. Most Sagittarius people are versatile, complete, adventurous, demanding and wholesome in their attitude. They are born curious and they would like to explore and experiment with new things and domains. Most of the great travelers belong to this great sign and their exploratory nature makes them very knowledgeable people. They are open to new ideas and thoughts. They are also very ambitious and optimistic with a positive outlook. Disappointments and heartbreaks never bother them. With an idealistic and firm mind, they can easily overcome difficult situations in life. Above all, most of them are very gentle, honorable, committed and concerned to other people. Trustworthiness and honesty come naturally them and they keep their commitments even against all odds.

The 2010 Sagittarius annual horoscope is one of the great achievements and success mixed with periodic disappointments and sadness. The New Year could show Sagittarians remain very firm and committed to their goals. They can also display a very strong sense of positive character. They may seek the help of elders, seniors and departmental managers to solve their problems and achieve success in bargain. The New Tear is also the period to know something knew, see “Magical world of Oriental ceramic”.

Sagittarius 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
The Sagittarius 2010 year horoscope is an exciting year for most Sagittarians; they will begin the New Year with a big bang. The first quarter of the year is the most eventful of their life as they may achieve great success in their workplace in the form of a possible pat hike or a promotion. They will feel confident and excitement in their work which makes them to aim for better things in life. Business ventures will also be possible in the first quarter of the year. The second quarter of the year is the mirror image of the first one, as they will continue the good work from the previous quarter. Financial benefits are common in the first half of the year because of the hard work put in some business ventures. On the other hand, the second part of the year is the period of consolidation where most Sagittarians work to retain the tempo built earlier in the first half of the year.

Sagittarius 2010 yearly horoscope can give some anxious moments to some of the people especially in the months of May and June. Lack of knowledge or skills may lead to loss of better paying jobs and positions. Attaining success levels may depend on Sagittarians use the available opportunities and chances. Things will improve very slowly for them during the last half of the year.

Sagittarius 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
On a negative note, the 2010 Sagittarius annual horoscope signifies some form of marital discord in the first half of the year. In fact, the horoscope suggests them to exercise enough caution while handling marital problems or discords. They may even need to work hard to solve all pending problems. Persistence work and dedication will help Sagittarians to avoid or prevent any types of marital problems. The relationship between children and parents tend to be very good though social life may throw some challenges especially with coworkers.

Sagittarius 2010 Education Horoscope
The 2010 Sagittarius yearly horoscope denotes better times for students, scholars, researchers and academicians. Students involved in higher studies and research work may get their share of success in the first half of the year. Overseas travelling is a real possibility for many Sagittarians. Students studying for their computer, electronic and electrical engineering studies tend to well while scholars who are conducting research work will gain popularity in the last part of the year. The New Year may work wonderfully for all Sagittarian students provided they work hard and study with a sense of dedication and commitment.

Sagittarius 2010 Health Horoscope
Health wise, the 2010 yearly Sagittarius horoscope is very good, as people born under this sign may not experience any major health problems. However, the first few months of the New Year may give some causes to worry as people may develop problems in their circulatory and nervous systems. In all, the New Year will be a good year in the domain of health.

Capricorn Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Dec 22- Jan 19):

Capricorn is a zodiacal sign for serious people! It is also the most mature and serious of all the zodiacal signs. Capricorn signifies maturity and experience apart from mental stability and agility. People who are born under this sign are immensely independent, thinking forward, confident, well meaning and disciplined. They are also extremely patient, hard working, intelligent, smart, down to earth, practical and careful. They are also ambitious with a purposeful mind of their own. Single mindedness coupled with a sense of deep purpose make them the most desirable sun sign in the entire zodiacal system. They can excel in any profession they choose, while their hard work brings them wonderful results.

All Capricornia are extremely reliable, trustworthy, demanding, attentive and persuasive. This is the reason why people adore and like them. Capricorn 2010 year horoscope is one that brings these people a sense of deep satisfaction. It provides them relaxation, sense of comfort and encouragement. Most Capricornia will pursue projects left behind during the last year. In the process, they may reach success level of their dreams. The New Year is also a stepping-stone for future success. They will be honest to their duties and goals that eventually take them to the goal post. Most of them will be extremely confident about their abilities to achieve big goals. This is also a year for innumerable surprises!

Capricorn 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
Capricorn 2010 yearly horoscope is full of career success. However, occasional problems related to office workspace may bother throughput the year. Professional life could be complicated because of workplace jealousy and competition. This is so true during the first four months of the year. Your superiors may not cooperate with you because of many unknown reasons. Business investments may run into trouble while your competitors may start to trouble you with ulterior motives. One word of caution – Never ever lose your patience or get angry, because it may wash all the good work carried out by you in the past. On the other hand, the second half of the year is quite good and satisfactory for all Capricorn people, because things will stabilize by themselves during this time. They will be able to solve most of the problems with their patience and intelligence.

The 2010 Capricorn annual horoscope is highly productive and result oriented for people who run their business ventures. Success after success comes to their doorsteps during the fag end of the year. Medium and long-term goals will come true in this year. Moneywise, they will earn quite a lot of it and later invest in profit making ventures. Cash flow will stabilize, while spending will come down due to fiscal prudence. The last month of the year may pose some problems in some business investments; however, it is possible to solve these problems by working hard to tackle the problem and find a solution for it.

Capricorn 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
On the family front, people born under this sign may witness minor marital or relationship problems with their spouse or lovers. In some cases, the problem could also be due to money matters. It is possible to solve all these problems by talking over the existing problems. Relationship with children will be wonderful and love will gently flow between all the family members. The later parts of the New Year will be smooth and fluid with no visible problems whatsoever. Social life will be just out of the world as people may mingle with friends and colleagues with a sense of purpose. The 2010-year Capricorn yearly horoscope indicates a blissful family life coupled with complete satisfaction and contentment.

Capricorn 2010 Education Horoscope Students, teachers, academicians, researchers, scholars and professionals will also do extremely well during the New Year. Academic career for students will be smooth with chances of scholarships and overseas travel becoming distinct possibilities. Intelligence and smartness will guide these people towards their goalposts. Academic rewards and successes will come naturally to these people especially in the field of research and development. Overseas travelling is also possible during the fag end of the year-the stars advice you to go “Along the way of ancient caravans”) and your life could have some amazing positive changes.

Capricorn 2010 Health Horoscope
In general, 2010 Capricorn yearly horoscope indicates good health and sound mind throughout the year. The first three quarters of the year are extremely peaceful and healthy, while the last quarter may pose some minor health problems related to chest and stomach. Otherwise, all Capricorn people are extremely careful about their health and well-being.

Aquarius Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Jan 20- Feb 18):

An Aquarian has two sides to his or her personality. He or she could be extremely shy, withdrawn, passive and sensitive. He or she could also be extremely dynamic, active and extrovert. Whatever the case, he or she is very attractive, magnetic and pleasing to their friends and colleagues. In spite of two different personalities, a typical Aquarian may be extremely powerful and demanding in his or her ways. Both of them possess a deep sense of conviction to their mind and goals. They also have very strong beliefs in their abilities to achieve the most impossible things in life. Aquarians always demand complete honesty and truth from their friends and colleagues. They can probe a person’s mind to know if the person is telling truth or not. All Aquarians are capable of seeking truth from any adverse situations and they can extract truth from a number of sources available around.

The 2010 Aquarius yearly horoscope is full of unexpected surprise and events. The New Year is very benevolent enough for them to show their skills and abilities. They will also be able to achieve quite a lot of things that were not possible in the previous year. All Aquarians will be in an advantageous position that allows them to work hard towards their career and financial goals. People to people relationship will improve, while the family related issues will not see any major problems.

Aquarius 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
Career people will have rollicking time during most parts of the year. That is what the 2010 Aquarius yearly horoscope predicts in honest terms! The first quarter is a great period, when most Aquarians will taste success. In fact, they may start the New Year with a big bang, possibly with a long awaited promotion or even a pay hike. Repeated success and workplace peace are two biggest benefits for Aquarians. Sudden gains are in the air for those Aquarians who are in business. However, the second quarter may indicate some sort of problems in the workplace, especially in the personal relationship with coworkers. However, their personal relationship skills will help them solve any problems within no time. Some Aquarians may change their jobs and homes in search for better positions. They may face some unexpected expenses beyond their income.

Traveling to other countries is a distinct possibility for having new forces and achievements for Aquarians. Open for yourself what doest it mean “The Oriental Dastarkhan” and next year will be really positive!

Aquarius 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
The 2010 Aquarius yearly horoscope is satisfactory for most Aquarians. Relationship between people will be good, while the personal equation between spouse and lovers will be very pleasing and devoid of any problems. Material comfort, peace and relaxation are three import bywords for most Aquarians. Social life will be normal with coworkers and superiors, although minor problems may appear during the fag end of the year. The end of the year may signify some sort of problems between spouses because of the relocation-related financial problems. Unmarried couples may hope to tie their knots especially in the last quarter of the year. In essence, the whole New Year could be devoid of any major problems.

Aquarius 2010 Education Horoscope
The 2010 Aquarius yearly horoscope may not be too good for students, scholars, teachers, scholars and academicians. They may need to work hard throughout the year to get to the position of their choice and dreams. Overseas travelling is a big possibility for scholars. However, the second and the last quarter of the year will provide some of the best opportunities for Aquarians to show their abilities and mettle. Some Aquarians may have trouble in store during the last quarter of the year especially with their research work. Students may not face any problems in the middle parts of the year.

Aquarius 2010 Health Horoscope
The 2010 yearly Aquarius horoscope will provide an opportunity to solve all health related problems. The entire year will be smooth one about general health status, while the last quarter may show bit of instability in the general health status. People belonging to this sign may need to be careful about their health, especially most common ailments like flu and stomach problems.

Pisces Yearly 2010 Horoscopes (Feb 19- Mar 20):

Pisces is a fickle minded sun sign. It is also the last sun sign of the zodiac. It signifies conflicting and clashing signals with a deep and wavering mind. However, Pisces is a dynamic and agile fish! Pisces also signifies agility and quickness that may possibly the best indicators of nervousness and agitation of mind. Pisces is also a sign related to the soul and mind. Water is needed for survival! Without water, no one can survive. Pisceans are spiritual and conventional in nature with an agile and keen mind to explore things that are beyond their imagination. Piscean people are also very friendly, sentimental, sacrificing and generous. They can also be very kind and affectionate to other people. However, they can be extremely negative at times and become nervous when there is a big challenge.

Pisces 2010 yearly horoscope may bring about some changes in the Pisceans’ life. Some of them are for good, while the others are not so good. Unexpected problems coupled with occasional successes dot the horoscope. One negative thing about Piscean horoscope is that people belonging to this sign can become nervous and scared, when they fail in doing the work they are supposed to do.

Pisces 2010 Career and Income Horoscope
The first two quarters of the New Year seem to be quite good for Pisceans. The 2010 Piscean horoscope may indicate a very strong confluence of planets that eventually help them do somewhat well in their responsibilities. Career development, financial gains and workplace satisfaction are three important factors that are in the minds of Pisceans. A work related journey to a distant country is a distinct possibility.

Go to the trip along “Pamir Highway” and it will help you to get some positive emotions to make all the year successful.

Piscean 2010 yearly horoscope will force people born under this sign to adjust their lifestyle. Workplace feuds and arguments are likely during the course of the year. Income generating ability may also go down as the year progresses, while the expense side of the budget may spiral out of control. However, the middle parts of the year may help you to recuperate to certain extent, especially on the career side. Not everything is a bed of thorns for Pisceans. The fag end of the year will help Pisceans to bounce back with renewed energy. It is possible to lay a strong foundation for next year, when Pisceans apply their mind and intelligence.

Pisces 2010 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
One positive aspect of the 2010 Piscean yearly horoscope is in the marriage life. Pisceans are likely to enjoy their love and married life largely throughout the year. Family life is one sweet event for them; relationship with children will be very good, while people who are trying to marry their lovers will find the year to be the best one of their life. Pisceans are devoted family members. Children and spouse will be the best sources of inspiration and encouragement. However, the third quarter of the year may see a minor scuffle between opposite members due to some trifle reasons. Mending the fences seems to be the best solution before the situation becomes very serious. Pisceans may need to control their anger and bitterness, so that no damage occurs to the solid relationship. Never ever, try to dominate your family members. Domestic life during the year is a delicate mixture of good and the bad.

Pisces 2010 Education Horoscope
Students, engineers, scholars, academicians, teachers and researchers find the New Year to be an exciting one. The 2010 Piscean yearly horoscope seems to be very satisfying for Pisceans students, as they will do extremely well in their studies and exams. Scholars may publish their research in international journals of repute. Scholars who do research in technology related fields might also do very well in their work. Most Piscean students may find an opportunity to travel to overseas countries for research purposes.

Pisces 2010 Health Horoscope
While the career aspects of the 2010 yearly Pisces horoscope are bad, most Pisceans may enjoy very good health throughout the year. Pisceans will not face any health related problems in the first half of the year. However, the third and fourth quarters of the year will cause minor health complications to many Pisceans. Most common ailments could be bouts of flu, stomach upsets, back pain, joint pain and sever headaches.

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