Traveller Horoscope 2012


Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)
For Capricorn the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon will be very successful if he is able to get rid of his age-old conservativeness and look at many things in new ways. Fortune will favor Capricorn, and he will be able to achieve great success. Special privilege of the master of the year will be used by Capricorn working in the trade, entrepreneurship, business, or being employed in the field of creativity. Any work, even the most routine, in the coming year will be done successfully and quickly, if Capricorn pays due attention to business contacts and relations with colleagues, subordinates and management.

At the beginning of the year, Capricorn must have a clear understanding of what kind of work he wants to do, what direction he wants to follow in the coming year. All new business is better to postpone to the spring, and by the end of winter to do the work that usually causes no excitement and enthusiasm. Paper work is also important, the more especially as by the end of the winter the office of Capricorn may be unexpectedly visited by inspection authority.

In the spring, Capricorn will feel the need to visit remote regions, and go on a guided tour.

In the summer, having a nice time abroad in the spring, the work with partners will enable Capricorn to think about expanding his business, about the reorganization of its all structure. If at the end of May 2012 Capricorn will prefer to work alone, then with the beginning of the summer all professional business will demand inclusion of colleagues and associates. Capricorn should pay maximum attention to the field of communication, because the tension, omissions, dissatisfaction of his colleagues with his conducting can greatly complicate the promotion of teamwork. Those partnerships that have been concluded recentlyrequire a balanced and careful work to become a reliable support to Capricorn in his business.

In August, Capricorn will face the situation when he will be forced to defend his rights. There may be some cases which will require the intervention of the legal system. All conflicts and confrontations Capricorn do not need to turn in the squabble, and relationships with partners are better to figure out in a quiet way.

In the autumn 2012, everything that will happen in the life of Capricorn may be addressed for his benefit. Do not be afraid of change; just carefully monitor the progress of all cases, correcting flaws and mistakes in time. In the autumn, Capricorn will live a secular life; he will have the opportunity to visit friends, different events and performances in the theaters. It may also have a positive impact on the credibility and image of Capricorn, providing an opportunity to make new successful business acquaintances.

Even if the personal life of Capricorn has not been well enough, in 2012, he has a good chance arrange it to be the best. Calm, confidential tone in the conversation with the partner will help him go to a truce, to find new points of contact. Single Capricorn has a good chance to meet his love - it is likely to happen in one of his trips.The representative of the zodiacal constellation should look for a person whose inner nature is completely the same as his own.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18)
For Aquarius the Dragon year will begin on an optimistic note, giving hope for significant improvement in his life. The representative of the zodiacal constellationcan think about changing jobs or a career, he can strengthen his financial position, arrange his personal life. Onlyhis own uncertainty, the desire to ignore the social connections or routine work, preferring only the outer, showy side of the profession can prevent Aquarius.

The beginning of the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon will require discipline and precision in performing work. Perhaps during this period there will be opportunities that will help to overcome the severe crisis in the financial sector and career, to get a new direction in his work. Unemployed representative of the zodiacal constellation, which has been long and unsuccessfully engaged in looking for the right job, at a certain activity will receive what he wants. Till the end of the winter there should be worked out plans for the whole year, "cleaned up" the heaps of old problems and difficulties, preventing from progress.In the first half of 2012 significant financial rewards will motivate the active work of Aquarius.

In the spring, the fair share of concerns of the representative of this zodiacal constellation will be dedicated to his main activity. Unlike other members of the zodiacal circle, in the spring Aquarius do not have to reverse his life, it is necessary to work out effective tactics of doing things.

With the beginning of the summer, the concern of Aquarius will be the sphere of communication, he will establish contacts with partners, and will be engaged in the organization of collective activities, will take a very active part in the signing of contracts and agreements at all levels. Diplomacy and a healthy optimism, good humor and sociability will help the representative of the zodiacal constellation to achieve the results which his competitors can only dream of.

In the autumn, the financial sphere will be stable, but Aquarius will have to look for additional sources of income, in order to form an initial capital for business, to purchase a property, to make profitable investments. There should be very cautious approach to solving the financial issues - in the autumn possible scams and fraud against the budget of Aquarius may happen. In relations with other people at the end of the year Aquarius will have an obvious progress. Misunderstandings and disagreements with colleagues will disappear; strong contacts with the partners will be established. Time itself will allow Aquarius to understand who his true friend is and who is covered with a mask of friendliness. A travel will help him to realize who"s who and this travel he will have also in the autumn.

Family life of Aquarius during the year will be only strengthened not giving him issues for concern. If a representative of this zodiacal constellationis highly dependent moral or material on a partner - it"s time to get independence, have his own way in the career and creativity. Single Aquarius will be able to meet his love at the beginning of the year, or in the autumn, when he will be more disposed to a romantic relationship.

Pisces (February 19- March 20)
Good luck will be a constant companion of Pisces during the whole period of the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon. Pisces can get stability both in the professional field and career and personal life. All uncertainty and doubts can now be left behind; it is time for energetic work, which soon will give excellent results. Pisces will stop living by his internal worldview only, and will set off tocruise in searching of his place in the sun.

In the spring, Pisces will think about continuing education, it will be necessary to attend lectures, special courses and seminars. For the representative of the zodiacal constellationit will be also useful to read books on psychology, esoteric, to devote time to spiritual practices and meditation, to gain stability and balance at heart. There will be a possibility to travel, not ordinary, but one, in which Pisces will see for what he is ready and what is really capable of. A travel to one of the Central Asian countries - Kyrgyzstan, will help in understanding it. The huge, powerful Lenin Peak will be waiting for him. To climb, test to destruction, to achieve goals in spite of everything, and to be a winner in any situation... Pisces can do it, but only if he desires. In any case, if he will achieve success or not, this travel will get him closer to a cherished goal for anyone - self-actualizing.

With the beginning of the summer, the intensity of activities of Pisces will increase significantly. During this period, the work that has been given the maximum attention from the very beginning of 2012 will yield good dividends. Moreover, Pisces may get an unexpected generous gift or even win a large sum of money. At the end of summer, all the financial transactions of Pisces should be taken under complete control - the possibility of deception, loss of funds, and the distraction of Pisces will play into the hands of malevolent competitors. Pisces should also pay attention to his health, because in a busy period of the first half of the year, it can greatly suffer, and by autumn it needs to be strengthened.

In the autumn, this representative of the zodiacal constellation has to be very attentive to the signs of destiny - it is possible to significantly improve the situation in the professional sphere, if not to miss the opportunities. The sharp changes in the activity, in the life of Pisces will be unfavorable during the whole 2012 and in the autumn they will become just a danger to all that was done in the past period. Pisces should not be indifferent to the people who work or live near - soon they might need their attention, and it would be wrong to be arrogant.

The personal life of Pisces promises to be very uneasy - even marital relationships are imbued with passion throwing partnersfrom mutual hatred to mutual adoration. The period of mid-summer, with the solar eclipse will make Pisces flirt, have love-affairs and adulterous relationships, which can cause the rupture of marital relations in the future. Single Pisces must meet a person of his dreams, but he has to work hard, and most importantly, to rehabilitate his most nasty features of character to keep this relationship in a stable way.

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