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The upcoming year 2012 of Oriental Calendar will be ruled by Black Water Dragon.Water - the most obscure, enigmatic and mysterious of all the elements, andthat’s whythe year of 2012 will be karmic, momentous, and a turning point for all members of the zodiacal circle. During this period you can build a career, success and personal lifefrom the ground up, but you can lose everything in pursuit of false values. Each sign of the Zodiac must determine a priority in the upcoming year of 2012 and would not deviate from his purpose, even if there aregreat difficulties and problemson this way.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)
Resolute Aries in the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon will be very active.This is one of the favorable periods of time when Aries completely coincides with the master of the year at his temperament and ambitions. Time of 2012 carries to the representative of this zodiacal constellation the opportunity of self-expression, the use of skills and talents in professional activities. Aries can successfully renew his social relationships and arrange a personal life in its best way, make a career.

The year 2012 of Black Water Dragon gives Aries the opportunity to take his own destiny in his hand, not allowing other people or circumstances to lead it, directly or indirectly. The representative of this zodiacal constellation can make different moves, playing a large, interesting game of his success and be a winner. Fortune will be on the side of Aries, but it does not mean that he should rely on luck in all things. Only a proper thorough work at his life which is needed to start from the very beginning of 2012 will bring him success. And for the work done Aries will certainly be rewarded. And it will already happen in the spring. He will be expected only the most pleasant moments which hewill not stingy to share with hisrelatives and friends. The stars of this year clearly indicate that representatives of this sign will have the luck to get closely acquainted with the Central Asian region. And the program "Novruz - Oriental New Year Holiday" will help them in this journey to the unknown Uzbekistan. This is precisely what will reward Aries for all the achievements. At the end of this "feast for the soul" Aries will have only the most pleasant memories, high-quality and colorful photographs and a real collection of Oriental souvenirs. And after such an adventure to the homeland of the great Asian military leader no blows of fate will be scary, from all of them will be easy to dismiss.

Winter months Aries need to dedicate to solving those problems which are still concerned about not letting go forward.

In the spring, Aries will have a lot of taps in his hands which will help to launch and significantly to advance his most daring projects at work. Spring - time of start, and a representative of this zodiacal constellationis required to have maximum moderation and activity at work. It is not worth trusting unfamiliar partners and come-and-go people, because the deception, unfortunately, is also possible.

In the summer, when the planets Jupiter and Uranus are in the sign of Aries, the representative of this zodiacal constellation will systematically implement his plans into practice. During this period, he should be wary of unplanned, ill-considered actions, since they can cause damage to the whole case, which was started earlier.

At the beginning of the autumn,a harmonious order is formed in the affairs of Aries.The problems will not bother him, if earlier Aries gives sufficient time to address them.In September, the representative of the zodiacal constellation, Aries can relax and switch off so thatby the end of the year to increase hisperformance capability and activity again.

Personal life of Aries will be full of intense passion. Coupled member of this zodiacal constellation will have tension in the relationship with the loved one, quarrels and conflicts because of his steady employment. He should properly balance the sphere of personal and professional life so that they will not be antagonistic to each other. At the beginning of this year, single Aries can meet his love, the autumn will also bring him a desire to stay alone, comprehend his way, and think about the future.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
For Taurus the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon will be associated with many insoluble, total problems both in professional sphere, and in personal relationships.The representative of this zodiacal constellation should try to remain calm and peace in any situation. Is not worth getting involved in intrigues, responding to gossip or engaging in judicial lawsuits - all these things will be invariably lost, leaving a bitter disappointment and financial loss. In 2012, only systematic work will gain, without undue forcing event, which will rely on the invaluable experience of Taurus.

Since all plans of Taurus at the beginning of 2012 of Black Water Dragon could fundamentally change, he should not start new projects in the winter. This time will be good for the solutions of past business and problems, for planning future business. Professional realization is the prerogative of the upcoming year, and therefore all his strength and attention Taurus should pay to professional life and creative work.

The beginning of 2012, it is time when Taurus must give as much his attention, warmth and care to the relatives and the people around him as possible.

In the spring, the life of Taurus will experience a lot of changes, and many of them will be quick and unexpected. This "attack" on his stable life can make Taurus slow down his activity or even stop showing initiative. But it is fundamentally wrong, because the support of the planets will help to solve all the problems in the spring, and the collective support of colleagues at work. The first half year, Taurus will have to work in an intensive mode. It"s not quite what he has got used to, but this pace of work soon will give very good results.

In the spring, Taurus - the employee can get an offer of a new post and Taurus - the head can rightfully occupy a high administrative post. Everything goes perfectly, but it is necessary for Taurus in a series of problems only to see the opportunities and use them in his life. And one of these opportunities will be the broadening of his outlook and just a fascinating trip along two Central Asian countries - Uzbekistan and Turkmenistanwhere avirgin natural beauty of this region and moreover, amazing hospitality and kindness of its people will open before his eyes.As a tourist route stars chose for the Taurus a trip to the "Pearl of the East - Sogdiana" - a place that they would never be able to forget whatever would happen to them. Here Taurus will see that world, which has never faced before - because of its unusual and colorful culture, traditions and customs of its inhabitants. As a result, this trip will bring representatives of this sign nothing but happiness and good mood.

In the summer, great opportunities will be opened in the field of creativity for Taurus. If earlier his activity was deprived of creative ideas, it was like a monotonous routine, now it is the time to show his talents and surprise those around him with his extraordinary creative discoveries and solutions.

Personal life of the Taurus in 2012 will be uneasy, but he will be able to build relationship with a loved one, if he pays due attention and care. Single Taurus has a good chance to meet his love in September, but in order to develop a relationship he will need patience, tact and ability to compromise.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
The year 2012 of Black Water Dragon will strictly ask air-headed Gemini for his work done. The representative of this zodiacal constellation may find himself in the situation where everything being started, turns against him. Is not worth to panic - this year will test the strength, but be sure itwill give new and promising possibilities for the future so that to change the life. Gemini needs to move away from the stereotypes of his behavior, he should have his own point of view on many things that are happening around him. In business Gemini also has to go his own way and not to copy someone else"s.

The changes expect Gemini from the very beginning of 2012. He may think about changing jobs, changing direction in professional activity, and even the changing his personal life. But do not force things, rushing into the abyss of the unknown - all matters that will be undertaken in 2012 must be carefully planned and thought over. Extending life perspectives is one of the most important tasks of Gemini in the upcoming year. He needs to allow himself to be more successful and active, rather than go with the flow of life, hiding behind peers and colleagues. It"s time to put forward his own point of view, to defend his interests, not to feel anger and frustration because of unsuccessfulness the uncertainty.

Spring is the most favorite season of the yearof Black Water Dragon. The master of theyear will gladly assist Gemini in carrying out his plans and projects. During this period, the representative of the zodiac sign Gemini can easily change jobs, promote a business or new projects in the professional sphere, engage in creative activities and establish contacts with other people. At the end of May or at the beginning of summer the representative of the zodiacal constellation can think of continuing or starting learning, can do self-education, spiritual practices - this work will help Gemini to find tranquility and peace of mind.

In the summer of 2012, Gemini can travel abroad, which would be very favorable both for the development of the professional sphere and for personal life of Gemini. Space offers the representatives of the zodiacal constellation to dedicate a part of their life to the journey on the "Great Silk Road". 35 days over the countries in Central Asia, Iran and China - it is not so much, but at the same time, this will be enough to sort out his feeling, identify vital priorities, and it is quite possible to meet love. But apart from everything else during this time Gemini can save as much pleasant emotions and colorful impressions that last, perhaps, for the rest of life.

The autumn will bring peace in the life of Gemini.But do not move away from business, allowing a rest - this time requires careful planning future business, as well as the implementation of the organizational of the paper work, which was not completed in the summer.

Coupled Gemini at the beginning of the year will tend to reconsider his relationship with his spouse. He can start a new life, putting all efforts to restore troubled relationships, or abandon them in favor of new ones. The spring will bring to single Gemini the opportunity to meet his love. With the development of new romantic relationships Gemini must install a reasonable balance between personal life and professional sphere.

Cancer(June 22 - July 22)
For Cancer, the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon is not only a change in career or personal life, but in the worldview, habits, and even desires. All long-standing life, which soothes the representative of the zodiacal constellation, can change overnight, scaring by its uncertainty and intensity. However, Cancer must remember that all the changes that await him in 2012, will pass in a positive manner, and therefore there is no need to be afraid of them, but try to do everything to facilitate their implementation.

From the first days of 2012, Cancer can feel the whole energy of this time, which promises him such a promising prospect. If Cancer is active, then in the winter, he will surprise many of his colleagues and employees of a particular attitude to the creative work and career.

By the spring Cancer - an employee can get a new post, which he has long dreamed of, and it repeatedly will strengthen his responsibility and working capacity. In the spring, Cancer will show considerable interest in the field of knowledge; he will feel a craving for learning, try to supplement his education, to get the necessary qualifications.Cancer may be interested in spiritual practices, spirituality, psychology, which will help him to find harmony in the soul, create his own amulet of power that will keep him from various misfortunes and mistakes. In the spring, Cancer must show the maximum activity and determination in his professional business.

In the summer, Cancer’sbusiness willbe significantly better. This period will require the active infusions in the work of the entire team or organization where the Cancer will have his own responsible tasks in the general business. This period will require maximum concentration and activity at work. Do not forget to be careful, because the ill-considered steps in the financial issues may result in significant damage.

The spring will be the time that is marked by a business trip, which in addition to good income will bring Cancer a lot of impressions - quiet and pleasant, and reckless and breathtaking. And these experiences will not let him live quietly (in a good sense) for a long time after a trip, and about him upon arrival home will know every a little bit familiar to him person. In any case, for this sign it will be really special. This fateful for Cancer Tour is called "To Aral Sea via Kyzyl-Kum desert." And apparently that says it all.

In the autumn, Cancer has to solve all his financial matters. With the necessary amount of money he can get on with an investment in a lucrative business. At the same time it is necessary to resolve all matters with an inheritance, to pay off the debts and credits.

The whole year round Cancer will feel an urgent need for support from loved ones. Even if the relationship with the spouse will be much to be desired, Cancer will do everything to preserve and strengthen them. The representative of the zodiacal constellation will look for spirituality, togetherness in relationships with loved ones, he rethinks much of what he is doing and he feels. The pursuit of material wealth has to go on the back burner, the main task - to find deeper meaning in a relationship with the loved one, to understand, try to merge with him in the same quest for spirituality. In moments of despair, Cancer will be very close to treasons, but he should think twice before exposing the existing relations to danger of complete destruction.

Leo (July 23 -August 23)
In 2012, Leo will be succeeded in all that he will do or take. Much success will be achieved by a representative of the zodiacal constellation, who by the nature of his activities is in the public service. Leo expects to have a pompous career, professional solution of all issues, building relationships with senior business partners.The apotheosis of 2012 may be business contacts with very influential people who can turn the fate of Leo to another, more successful way.

Even in the winter it is necessary to determine the goals and tasks in order to not to waste time on a lot of unnecessary matters, losing sight of the most important and significant of them. Leo has to work out softness, lability in relations with people in order to effectively use all of his social ties in the development of professional activity. Horizons of his own capabilities Leo can expand only if he learns to listen to other people, to hear the interlocutors, to use their experience in his life.

In the spring, the intensity of Leo’s activity will grow significantly. He needs to be much more attentive and more circumspect not to lose his opportunities, and avoid making new enemies. If Leo is confident in his infallibility, if he gets stuck in pride and arrogance, this period can severely punish with his complete lack of chances to improve his own life. For Leo there is no need to depend on current events, it is enough to observe themquietly, and continue implementing everything planned.Namely calm, prudent management of his business, without shock and forcing the events will lead Leo to success in 2012.

In the summer, Leo’s business will significantly be better. Intensity in the business will be added, but at this time Leo will feel the positive results of his work.This will give him strength, will allow working, getting rid of anxiety and alarm.

In the autumn, he can sum up the preliminary results of the year, correct the mistakes that have been made this year. Work will be slowed down a little bit, it will bein a normal way, so Leo will have time to get down to the sphere of relationships with business partners, as well as his own personal life. Leo will be able to deal the working matters quite successfully, without any help. But to ask someone or something for help what willestablish his personal life, he no doubt will have to. The tourist trip to the mountains, "At the foot of the sun", will gladly "provide its services” to Leo. The beauty of the heavenly mountains - the Pamirs, their height, masculinity, power, and in addition, a change of scenery - of course, will have an impact on the spiritual condition of Leo, will help to look at his real life on the other hand, to determine its advantages and disadvantages, and set priorities.

Personal relationship of Leo with a loved one will be unstable and complex. The fault is the excessive employment of Leo, his enthusiasm entirely of his own affairs and concerns. It"s time to pay tribute to the partner, who supported Leo, was with him in good and bad times. The ability of both to compromise will help to restore feelings, to unite their souls in search of a meaning, a purpose in life. Single Leo has a good chance to establish his personal life, meet love, if behind his great "Ego" he will learn to see the individuality of another person.

Virgo (August 24 - September 23)
For Virgo the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon promises a significant improvement in the partnership. There is no doubt, all the changes of the year, which will take place in the life of a representative of the zodiacal constellation, can be interpreted only in his favor. Virgo can find a profitable business partnership, make new friends, and arrange a personal life. All professional activities, which also promise to be intense, involve collaborative work with colleagues and partners, joint decision-making on major issues.

Sensitive Virgo will be frightened by the events rapidly starting at the beginning of the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon. He tends to consider all the problems, as a total bad luck, and has the risk to suspend activities or make a lot of mistakes. But the year, despite its intensity, promises not to be dramatic for a representative of the zodiacal constellation, so from the beginning Virgo has to pull himself together and quietly do his work.In order to tumultuous interspersed events fail to get calm Virgo miffed, he must be more often in the company of friends, do his own thing, visit a beauty salon and gym.

By the end of winter, the attention of Virgo should be focused on solving the issues of paramount importance. It is necessary to complete the work that does not bring any results, and only takes time and effort of the representative of the zodiacal constellation.

In spring months, Virgo may have the need to visit those places which are connected with some romantic or personal memories of his life.Such a trip can be successfully combined with the performance of business tasks, searching business partners or signing contracts in business sphere. Stars recommend Virgo in this year of Black Water Dragon to travel and to visit two great Asian countries - Uzbekistan and China.Virgo will be so fond of East; he by chance will start to think to be bound with this region.And he certainly will.But he should always remember that the East is tricky, with a delicate aroma of spices and its delicate issues and problems.So, do not get carried away.Let the impressions of “Contrasts of Asia" will remain only in memory, and working moments associated with the region will remain at work.

Summer 2012 for Virgo will involve hard work and lots of small problems that will require his discipline and determination in overcoming them. This time will be quite extreme, but very interesting, developing. The representative of the zodiacal constellation can gain invaluable experience which will undoubtedly prove useful to him in the future. At the end of the summer, good profit expects Virgo; his budget will be gradually supplemented by dividends from a successful operation.

In September, the partner support will help Virgo in solving difficult and complex professional matters. In the autumn, energy potential of Virgo will be somewhat reduced, so he should not start new projects and solve important problems. This time is better to spend in a quiet systematic work.

At the beginning of the year, personal life of Virgo will be happy and relaxed.At the end of spring - at the beginning of autumn there can be moments of tension connected with mutual jealousy of partners, cheating, and dalliance. In the spring, Virgo with a partner is better to go to a romantic trip, which will strengthen their relationship. Since the beginning of the autumn, Virgo will communicate increasingly. He will get new friends; review the relationship with the partner.

Libra (September 24 - October 23)
In the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon, Libra may be true triumphant, if he takes all advantages of all opportunities that his own destiny will bring itself. He can change a lot in his life - to arrange a personal life, to enlist the support of influential people in business, improve his skills in creative work. Libra will achieve much success, using his rich creativity in work, working in design, architecture, engaging in the creation of style, art works and new projects.

In the first months of the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon, new horizons for business and professional life will be opened for Libra. Suddenly, there will be new acquaintances that will lead to a very successful business partnership. By the end of the winter, the representative of the zodiacal constellation can buy real estate or participate in the financing of future projects - his budget will allow doing it.In February, Libra will have a lot of work, which will be resulted for Libra - the employee in getting a new job or a premium, for Libra - a businessman - new prospects in business.

In the spring, Libra will be able to carry out his long-standing plans, and promote new projects. This work will require a maximum concentration on own actions and his simultaneous success with the actions of other members at work. The joint solution of difficult problems will help Libra in overcoming his own inhibition, excessive doubt and anxiety.

The summer will bring a lot of work to Libra; it will be paired with a few problems and troubles that will cause stress in relationships with partners or colleagues. Different kinds of gossip, rumors may pop up, and Libra has to deal with backroom intrigue.

In the autumn, Libra will have a very quiet, soothing time when he can relax, go about his usual duties and his personal life. Libra is recommended to pay attention to his health, because the nervous atmosphere in the summer could not pass in vain for health. His holiday is best to organize in nature, in trips with friends. The best way to achieve it will be Libra’s trip to the mountains, to the foot of the Lenin Peak in Kyrgyzstan, on the program "Resort Pamir". He does not have to do rock climbing, compete with other participants in the group in endurance, and check himself for strength rising higher and higher into the mountains. Libra will feel in complete safety, in a circle of new friends and old friends, he will be surrounded by caring and warmth of the world. This will be a real holiday for him, what he has been looking for.

Personal life of Libra in the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon will also feel noticeable fluctuations. This year should be a revelation; it will bring Libra new knowledge and discoveries that will help him to trace the causes of failures in the relationship. Do not speak bluntly, if the relationship with the partner leaves much to be desired - it is necessary to apply a different approach to them and all the mundane, bored will be in a new way. Before blaming the partner, Libra should follow his own attitude towards him; correct his own mistakes, and inhibitions that prevent from openness and trust.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)
In 2012, Scorpio has a good chance to get everything from life that he deserves by right - health, love, happiness and prosperity, success and prosperity. His work can go unnoticed for many colleagues and associates, and for the master of the year - Black Water Dragon. A particularly successful time, which, moreover, will be the most intense, will be in the spring and the first half of the summer - at that time Scorpio must realize his most ambitious plans.

Since the beginning of the year 2012 of Black Water Dragon in Scorpio’s life there will be great changes. It cannot be said that this time will be full of activity, but till the end of the winter Scorpio should have time to resolve any unclear issues and problems of the past. At the same time there will be changes in family or close relatives that will require the direct intervention of Scorpio, as well as his investments.

March will begin at a very optimistic and life-affirming note - there will be matters that directly lead to success. Scorpio will be forced to participate in a variety of activities and business meetings that will open to him new partnerships and business relationships. For the unemployed Scorpio, who has been long and vainly in search, the end of May is the best time to find, finally, his job.

With the onset of the summer, a representative of the zodiacal constellation may think of reorganization of his business or completely new direction in his professional activities.

Summer is a perfect time for the manifestation of his creative abilities, creativity in solving even serious conservative business objectives. Changes in outlook, his views of job, and life in general expect Scorpio. It is likely that this will have an impact also on his relationship with the loved one - the lovers can dot all the "i" and talk about issues, taking important decisions for both.

In the summer, the representative of the zodiacal constellation may go on a business trip that will bring him a new perspective of cooperation, as well as great feeling of new friendships.In this journey Scorpio will be helped by the program "Classic Uzbekistan", where he will turn to be with his closest friends. Here he will be waited for only the most unusual and unfamiliar conditions - hot climate, a trip through the desert, spending a night in a yurt camp, visiting the ancient sites of the East, camel riding and a lot of colorful, deep photos.

In the autumn, 2012, the possibility of creative development of Scorpio will be effective. In addition, in the autumn Scorpio will feel some relief, because his work will not become so intense and hard.

The year 2012 of Black Water Dragon, it is time of love. Scorpio can significantly restore and strengthen the relationship with the partner. If a representative of the zodiacal constellation is single, he has a good chance to meet love in the summer or in the autumn, next year.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)
In general, upcoming year 2012 of Black Water Dragon will be successful for Sagittarius. Great deeds are waiting for the representative of this zodiacal constellation, which can turn into a great success and material prosperity. Sagittarius must use all his resources to put his best foot forward, because much of his success will consist of how it will be taken by people around. Mutually beneficial partnerships will be the foundation of a successful business and professional activities, so a lot of attention should be given to establishing partnerships and building a friendly atmosphere in the team.

The beginning of 2012 will not be very intensive, and therefore a representative of this zodiacal constellation has a good opportunity to adjust his work, to eliminate the problems that prevent.

Spring is a perfect time for creativity. Sagittarius can approve himself from an unexpected side, "try on" the other role in the professional activities, and reconsider approaches to solving problems. In the spring, a representative of the zodiacal constellation can establish strong partnerships, travelto remote regions for solving important organizational issues.

The summer of the year 2012, it is time for a specific practical work. All plans aimed at the future should be implemented in the summer. Sagittarius must work to develop a certain rhythm of work to keep pace with rapidly changing events, and at the same time not to overtake them. Perhaps, in the middle of the summer, Sagittarius will need to revise his plans, because the reality can be changed unexpectedly - and he must be ready for them.

Since September, 2012, the work of Sagittarius will be efficient, and there will not be any need for him to stay in the thick of things, it is enough to manage his business skillfully. Free time, which is sure to appear, Sagittarius can use for relaxing with friends. This is why at the beginning of the autumn Sagittarius will go with family and friends on a journey called "VIP‘s Uzbekistan". Do not be surprised at the name, because after a favorable working summer Sagittarius can afford more than that. Holidays in Uzbekistan by category “VIP” will bring moral and physical rest and relaxation to Sagittarius, which he has long been dreaming of. Dreams come true, as life shows, and Sagittarius certainly isn’t an exception. Having all of the best and beautiful and ability to have a gallant rest - that"s what Sagittarius will learn, and all that he can skillfully turn into reality.

Autumn - a good time, and if the relationship with a partner in his personal life left much to be desired, then during the period they can be revived and strengthened. His everyday skill and spiritual mood Sagittarius can transfer to childrenpaying them more attention than ever before. Single representative of the zodiacal constellation will meet his love, and this event is likely tohappen on a trip or at a public event.

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