Where to make flights?

General characteristics of the flight conditions in Tashkent region is notable with stable and forecasted directions of winds. It’s valid for daily wind directions as well as for season wind directions. In spite of the fact is that majority of flight spots are located in mountain zone, this speciality allows to make safe flights all the year round excluding two short periods of Autumn and Spring bad weather. We have more then 300 sunny days in a year in our region. Strength of the sun beaming is up to 800 watt per 1 square meter of surface. Perfect conditions for forming of thermals going up along slopes allow to make long-term flights at absolute absence of the near-ground wind practically (speed of near-ground wind at summer season is usually 1-3m/s, some days it reaches up to 5 m/s).
Our pilots make their flights generally in Saturdays and Sundays, they know places with stable risings as well as places where pilots shouldn’t fly to. Our pilots are always ready to share this information.

Flight places:

This spot is located in 45 km from Tashkent along Tashkent – Almalyk highway. Last 7 km goes by ground road and then turn to the left from the road. Balgaly is a hill with two tops which can be watched very clearly from the highway. Flight spot itself is on 150 m upper bottom of the hill. Slopes are smooth and steep, there are fields around. That is ideal place for teaching, and besides pilot-instructor has opportunity to enjoy flight, too. Past year our experienced pilots were successful in thermal-dynamic soaring on 60 m altitude above ground with more then 1 hour duration of the flight. There were no one day of bad weather on Balgaly during all summer season. The best season are spring and first half of summer – there are sward, expanse springs. At second half of summer there is no water – it should be brought, and there is hot – sun proof tent should be brought.

2. Changy.
This place is in 40 km from Tashkent towards Parkent. It’s mountain with altitude of 1800m at 900 m distance from bottom to flight spot. Flights are able to be made from 3 altitude levels – 200, 700 and 900 m above the landing zone. There are fields, gullies, apricot groves around. Fresh spring water is always here. 4 from 5 days flight weather is there exactly. Landing grounds are placed on 450 m altitude of the slope. Usually pilots execute flights to these grounds, and final flight of the day they make to bottom of the mountain. Attraction of this place unfortunately is reduced because of absence of funiculars, but at the same time there are a lot of places for setting tents in case of the outdoor rest. Besides, local people are able to lease rooms in their private houses – if You would want to rent it.

3. Beldersay.
Beldersay tract is place located in 90 km from Tashkent at resort mountain area of Chimgan. Difference of altitudes is more 1 km. A few intermediate landing grounds are located in distance of about 200 m below the top flight spot. The top flight spot is up station of the chair lift. From this place to the summit of the mountain rope tow is set up, which works only at winter season. Order of flights here is the same like it’s at Changy – landings at intermediate grounds, and final flight of the day is to bottom of the mountain. Length of the chair lift is 2,5 km. There is hotel 4* and a lot of places for setting tents.

4. Charvak shore.
Charvak is resort area. Advantages of this place are in developed infrastructure, good shuttle service with city, presence of hotels and possibility of overnights at private sector. All these reasons make this place attracted for tourist’s rest. This area is located in 80 km from Tashkent on absolute altitude of about 900 m. Charvak is artificial lake. This reservoir is surrounded with mountain ridges with altitudes of up to 3500 m and situated on area of Chirchik river valley in the direction of South – West.
Rich possibilities of Charvak area are foreordained by existence of reservoir itself that is very convenient for “not flying” holidaymakers, because flight places are situated close to the lake, and people are able to make paraglider flights and have a rest near water surface at the same time – it’s rare combination.
For paraglider pilots Charvak gives opportunities of pure dynamic soaring or thermal-dynamic soaring. Geographical location of Chirchik valley coincides with prevalent direction of winds. Surface of the lake makes incoming air flow quiet and laminar. Slope generating dynamic flow is located generally athwart to wind direction and has altitude of 80 m. Average flights altitude constitutes about 50 – 150 m above the start spot. Extent of the ridge is about 500 – 700 m, at width of air flow is up to 200 m.
At warm season number of flying days reaches 80 %. For flights at Charvak area high speed wings are more preferable, because the range of wind speeds is 4 – 12 m/s, and at 4 m/s wind speed majority of modern wings are able to “hold on”. But some days speed of wind can reach 15 – 18 m/s. Then the better idea to spend the day at swimming and getting a suntan. After thermal soaring it’s very nice to “hang” by dynamic or just to enjoy chance of flight not caring about loss of altitude and mush. From all different impressions of pilots who had flying at Charvak first time there is only one resume: “That’s full pleasure!!!”.

5. Topil.
This hill is situated between Balgaly and Changy. Distance from Tashkent to Topil is 70 km, and last 10 km leg goes by mountain ground road. The road passes along a gorge and river, and then the river must be forded 15 times approximately. There is a slope of dynamic soaring, extent of this slope is about 2 km, it fits for flights in wind directions from Northern to Southern-Western. There is minimum of obstacles for landings, smooth grass slopes, almost complete absence of rocks and trees. Besides, there are a lot of landing grounds. Opened to South valley stimulates forming of thermals at its bottom. Dynamic flow holds on very stable at wind speed of 3,5 – 4 m/s. There is small river downhill, and wide glades with shady trees. No civilization, outdoor life (tents). Two our pilots in three days made 5 hours of flying in thermals and dynamics.

6. Aksagata.
This place locates in 60 km from Tashkent by highway towards Chimgan, Beldersay, Charvak. Aksagata river valley comes to small town called Gazalkent. It must be passed 3 km by this valley to get the start spot. It’s perfect place for making flights in wind directions from Northern to Eastern. Altitude difference of this slope is about 100 m, and it’s steep slope. There are a few farms downhill, gardens and fields where pilots shouldn’t make landings in order to avoid possible conflicts with local people. Also there are electric cable lines, too, but not a lot. There are many places for landings, but it’s not good place for teaching, because pilot has to be able to steer for landing to get into box of 20 x 30 m. Valley generates perfect thermals of big diameter. Distinctive feature of this place is anomaly high number of eagles, falcons and other soaring birds here. It means, thermals are defined by these birds as a rule.

7. Many other places.
There are many other places– might be not so convenient for flights, but having its attractive features. For example, it’s resort mountain zone of Big Chimgan summit (3309 m). It"s exposed so that good conditions for soaring flights are rare here, but presence of chair lift which puts us to the altitude of 250 – 300 m above bottom of the mountain makes it attractive for flights. Also starts from the summit of Big Chimgan could be interesting, too. They say that it’s possible to soar above the summit “on round the clock” at start from the top. Local pilots can tell about it with great pleasure!

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