Paragliding association under extreme tourism federation of Uzbekistan at cooperation with «Central Asia Travel» would like to invite everybody to take part in the first international paragliding festival on Lenin peak area:

«Pamir Sky»

Dear friends and guests of the festival! Project of this kind of grade is carried out here first time! This is absolutely new direction in history of extreme kinds of sports yet when paragliding and mountaineering are going to meet finally at right time and right place! Probably, fortune will favour you with a smile, and you make a flight from Lenin peak ( 7134 m ), or exactly you become the first pilot who manage to make unique «cross-country» flight above Alay valley! Let’s try to perform this remarkable event as real celebration of most beautiful and indeed free kinds of sports ! Dear friends! We wish you to make marvelous discovers, to get good friends! Good luck to you and, of course, - have a nice weather!

Objectives and goals: main idea of the project is investigation of this region concerning possibilities of development paragliding and para-mountaineering here, and - as result of it all - popularization of this region as promising for carrying out of international competitions and just realization of «free» and «cross-country» flights above Alay valley. During the festival program opportunities concerning realization of flights along the route line to Lenin peak summit are planned to be investigated, and also questions concerning para-mountaineering are planned to be considered, too, namely: improvement and creation tactics of making flights in high altitude mountain zone and testing of usual paragliding equipment as well as specially created for mountaineers. During period of festival work Master Class of basic start techniques, piloting techniques, landing techniques and aerology basics are going to be executed in order to popularization of paragliding for everyone who desire to join this extremely fine and enthralling kind of sports. Very important outcome of the festival is creation of information base according to reports, composed by festival participants after gaining meteorological and aerological information during ascents to close placed summits of Zaalay ridge and identification possibilities for paraglider flights, starts and landing spots.

General authorities of festival carring out: General authorities of first international paragliding festival «Pamir sky » are the Paragliding Association under Extreme tourism Federation of Uzbekistan in cooperation with «Pamir Expedition» company (Kyrgyzstan).

The region for carrying out the festival: As place for carrying out this festival “Central Asia Travel” Company have chosen Base Camp «The Edelweisses Glade »), located in altitude of 3600 м at the bottom of Lenin Peak. This is the optimal place for the flights carrying out deep into valley of Kyzyl-Su river and at the same time for having acclimatization at Camp I-4400m, Camp II - 5300 m, Camp III-6200 m and for further (for all who desire) ascent to the Lenin Peak (7134 m).

Geographical special features (information for the pilots): The geography of the region is the wide high-mountain valley (with average altitude of 3200 m) of Kyzyl-Su River, widely spreading for the distance of more than 100 km. Width of valley is 25 km in average. The valley restricted by the mountains of Allay Range from north and Zaalayskiy range - from south. The climate of the region is continental. At warm time of season, there are 70-80% of the solar days and day average temperature is + 28 degrees Celsius and +5 +8 degrees Celsius at night- this factors stipulate thermal activity.
The southern part of valley (from Kyzyl-Su river till ridges of Zaalayskiy range) is wider and has piedmont relief crossed by many rivers. The range has the height in average of 6000-6500 m. And the crown is Lenin Peak (7134 m). At the paraxial part of the range, high-mountain relief is strongly pronounced with narrow valleys, covered with glaciers and high Rocky Mountains.

Some about the history: The history of the paragliding started when improved flight parachute characteristics allowed starting from the slopes and hills of the mountains and this attracted attention of climbers and tourists with opportunity to make fast and relative safety descents from the top and ranges after ascent! These facts attracted many enthusiasts, who tried to fly at the Lenin Peak region. The flight history in this region in general jointed with flights from summit. Everything started from the tragic debarkation of the parachutists to the Lenin Peak region in 1968. First flight from the Lenin Peak was made by French alpinist in 1986 In summer of 1987 was made efforts to fly from the mountain by Soviet pilots - Sergey Kalabukhov and Nikolay Zozulya. Nikolay started and was in the air during 6 minutes and injured fingers and toes! There is one momentous event at the history of high-mountain flights-in August of 1991 was made flight from Communism Peak by Leonid Martynov. it should be noted the scientific researches of Valentin Bojukov at sphere of using paraglider as way for weight and sufferers transportation in high mountains. He lunched radio-activated paraglider with dummy on board at the International mountaineering camp region under Lenin Peak. These days technique’s potential improved in scores of times and weight of mountain equipment became less than 5 kilograms. That’s why today the history of high-mountain paragliding is writing in new page of the history. And each of us could also be continuer of this new and promising occupation…

Program of the tour «Pamir Sky»:
Day 1-2. Arrival in Tashkent (Bishkek). Tour to the area of Beldersay and (or) Charvak lake mountain resorts for making familiarization flights is possible (to be agreed at preliminary correspondence).
Day 3. Transfer Tashkent - Osh.
Day 4. Transfer Osh - Base camp (region of Achik-Tash river, «The edelweiss glade»).
Day 5. Acclimatization. Preparation of equipment, instruction. View of the region and possible flight spots. Flights from close placed slopes.
Day 6. Option 1. Acclimatization hike to Puteshestvennikov pass. Option 2. Pilots who don’t want to make ascent to C 1 (or above it) they can follow individual flight program of mastering flight technique in area of BC and Kyzyl-Su river valley.
Day 7. Here and further for Option 1: Ascent along the line of the Lenin peak route to traverse of plateau («skovoroda»). Flight towards C 1. Overnight at C 1 or return to BC with having possibility to make evening flight from Puteshestvennikov pass.
Day 8. Acclimatization hike to C 2. Overnight.
Day 9. Morning ascent to the crest of Razdelnaya summit. Flight towards C 2 or C1 at good agrological and meteorological weather conditions.
Day 10. Return to BC with having possibility of making flight from Puteshestvennikov pass or from close placed slopes (environs of BC).
Day 11. Ascents and flights in area of BC or flights in Kyzyl-Su river valley.
Day 12-16. Ascent to Lenin peak (for planned members) or ascent to camps C 1-2 and making flights from close placed crests and slopes.
Day 17-18. Descent to BC. Rest. Flights in environs of BC.
Day 19. Transfer BC - Osh.
Day 20. Transfer Osh - Tashkent.
Day 21. Transfer to the airport. Departure.

The cost includes:

meetings and seeing off at the airport;
all transfers according to the program (by the comfortable minibuses);
air flights (Bishkek - Osh - Bishkek);
accommodation at 2-3-4* hotels with breakfast in Tashkent, Bishkek, Osh;
arrangements of all needed documents (OVIR registration, permit to the border zone);
meals during Osh - Base Camp - Osh transfers;
base camp services (3600 м) and services at camp I (4400 м);
full board of meals (3 times) during period of staying at Base Camp and Camp 1;
services at Base Camp (3,600 m) and Camp 1 (4,400 m):
- accommodation in shared (between 2-3 persons) tents (tents in the Base Camp are improved with wooden flooring, bed clothes and “kurpachas” (national-style mattresses) and electric lighting);
- full boarding (variety of food including vegetarian, 3 meals a day from professional chef, possibility for special personal ordering);
- yurts used as a heated mess-room (done in traditional Kyrgyz style) in BC (3,600 m) and in Camp 1 (4,400 m) good for resting, having meals and amusement (listening to music, viewing photos on computer, guitar playing etc.) at;
- toilets, luggage office (tent) at BC (3,600 m) and at Camp 1 (4,400 m);
- vapour bath (steam room) at BC (3,600m);
- medical services (by professional doctor-reanimatologist) in BC (3,600 m) and Camp 1 (4,400 m);
- electric supply 220 V; 50 HZ;
- registration with rescue team.

The cost does not include:

services by high-altitude guides and porters during ascending;
flight instructor;
rent of mountaineering gear and tents for ascending;
flights together with instructor.

Note: We can tailor the above Program to suit personal interests of clients.
To allow timely processing of your documents and obtaining of Permit to Frontier Control Area and Registration with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan we need, no later than 3 weeks before your planned arrival, to have received a scanned copy of your passport or your passport details as follows: full name, date of birth, citizenship, passport number and planned dates of stay in Kyrgyzstan. Russian and CIS citizens do not need Kyrgyz visa but they must have their valid foreign passports available with them.

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